AEM Content and Commerce Content Author Journey aem-commerce-author-journey

Start here for a guided journey through AEM Content and Commerce to learn how to manage product experiences.

Introduction introduction

This guide leads you through the most important AEM Content and Commerce authoring topics so that on completion you:

  • Learn the AEM Content and Commerce basics
  • Get started AEM CIF authoring basics
  • Create product catalog experiences with individual templates and content
  • Manage staged product catalog experiences
  • Enrich product data with content using Product Experience Management Tools

AEM Documentation Journeys documentation-journeys

A Documentation Journey ties together many different, complicated topics and features by providing a narrative that helps the reader, who can be new to AEM, understand and solve a business problem from beginning to end, while assuming minimal prior topic or AEM knowledge.

Documentation Journeys are designed around best practices principles, informed by Adobe’s latest research, proven implementation experience from Adobe consultants, and feedback from customer projects.

If you want to know how Adobe recommends how to solve sites business cases with AEM, AEM Sites Journeys are where to start.

Audience audience

This journey is designed for the AEM Commerce content author. This journey lays out the requirements, steps, and approach to get started and manage catalog pages, templates and full product experiences.

Information in this journey can be useful to other personas, but some information is superfluous to certain roles. Stay tuned for forthcoming journeys covering additional roles.

The Journey the-journey

You will explore many topics in this journey. The following articles give you foundational knowledge and link out to detailed technical documentation.

Although you can go directly to a particular part of the journey, many concepts build on ones in previous articles. Therefore if you are new to AEM Content and Commerce, Adobe recommends that you start at the beginning and progress sequentially.

AEM Content and Commerce Developer Journey
This document
Learn about AEM Content and Commerce
Learn concepts and basics about AEM Content and Commerce.
Getting Started with AEM CIF authoring basics
Learn how to access and use product data for your authoring use-cases.
Manage product catalog pages and template
Learn how to create a typical product catalog experience.
Manage staged product catalog experiences
Learn how to create future product catalog experience with staged data and AEM Launches.
Building Product Experiences
Get to know how to augment product data with immersive content in AEM.

What’s Next what-is-next

You are now ready to get started on your AEM Content and Commerce Development journey. We encourage you to continue on to the next part of the journey and read the article Learn about AEM Content and Commerce.