Release Notes for Cloud Manager in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2021.6.0 release-notes

This page outlines the Release Notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service 2021.6.0.

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Release Date release-date

The Release Date for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service 2021.6.0 is June 10, 2021.

What’s New what-is-new

  • Preview Service is deployed on a rolling basis to all Programs. Customers are notified in-product when their Program is enabled for Preview Service. See Accessing Preview Service for more details.

  • Maven Dependencies downloaded during the build step will now be cached between pipeline executions. This feature will be enabled for customers over the next several weeks.

  • The name of the program can now be edited through the edit program dialog.

  • The default branch name used during both project creation and in the default push command via manage git workflows has been changed to main.

  • Edit program experience in the UI has been refreshed.

  • The quality rule ImmutableMutableMixCheck has been updated to classify /oak:index nodes as being immutable.

  • The quality rules CQBP-84 and CQBP-84--dependencies have been consolidated into a single rule. As part of this consolidation, the scanning of dependencies more accurately identifies issues in third-party dependencies which are being deployed to the AEM runtime.

  • To avoid confusion, the Publish AEM and Publish Dispatcher segment rows on the Environment Details page have been consolidated.

    Publish Dispatcher

  • A new code quality rule has been added to validate the structure of damAssetLucene indexes. See Custom DAM Asset Lucene Oak Indexes for more details.

  • Environment details page will now display multiple domain names for Publish and Preview services (as applicable). See Environment Details to more details.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes

  • JCR node definitions containing a newline after the root element name were not correctly parsed.

  • List repositories API would not filter deleted repositories.

  • An incorrect error message was displayed when an invalid value was provided for the schedule step.

  • On occasion, user may see a green active status next to an IP Allow List even when that configuration was not deployed.

  • Some program editing sequences could result in the inability to create or edit the production pipeline.

  • Some program editing sequences could result in the Overview page displaying a misleading message to re-execute program setup.