Naming Conventions naming-conventions

Nodes in the repository are subject to naming conventions of the Java Content Repository. However AEM imposes further conventions for the name of page nodes.

Naming Conventions for Pages naming-conventions-for-pages

These naming conventions are implemented at various levels:

  • JcrUtil: the AEM implementation of the JCR utilities.
  • PageManager: the Page Manager provides methods for page level operations.
  • Within the AEM UI

JCR Utilities jcr-utilities

JcrUtil is the AEM implementation of the JCR utilities. Of particular interest to validating names are the character mappings that it controls and the following validations:

  • isValidName

    • Checks if the name is not empty and contains only valid chars.
    • Can be used to check whether a proposed name is valid.
  • createValidName

    • This creates a valid label out of an arbitrary string.
    • It can be used to create a name from a title.

Page Manager page-manager

PageManager provides methods for page level operations, based on JCRUtil.

AEM UI Behavior ui-behavior

When managing content, the AEM UI:

  • Validates the name according to the restrictions imposed by PageManager when either:

    • a page title is provided for conversion into the node name
    • an explicit node name is provided