Building a secure AEM Forms app for iOS building-a-secure-aem-forms-app-for-ios

You need to archive the Xcode project for AEM Forms app to build the installer (an .ipa file) and a property list (a .plist file) file. The property list file contains configuration information of the hosted in-house app, such as the name and the hosting location of the app. For more information about property list file, see About Information Property List Files.

  1. Log in to the following website:

  2. Create an App ID. For detailed steps to create an App ID, see Creating and Configuring App IDs.

  3. To configure the bundle identifier for the iOS application for your app, click Configure App ID.

  4. At the bottom of the web page, select Enable for Data Protection. Specify the data protection options.

    Click Done.

  5. Navigate to Provisioning>Distribution and create a New Profile using the App ID configured in step 3.

  6. Download and add the provisioning profile to the Xcode and the iPad.

  7. Log in to your Mac machine that has Xcode, and iOS SDK installed and configured.

  8. Open the AEM Forms.xcodeproj project in Xcode.

  9. Click AEM Forms, under TARGETS, select AEM Forms. Select the Build Settings tab, locate the Code Signing Entitlement section and in the Entitlements dropdown, select the LC Enterprise option.

  10. Locate and open the LC Enterprise.entitlements file in the Xcode for editing. Under the XCode entitlements, add the same key-value pair as present in your provisioning profile.

  11. In the Build Settings tab, click All and then click Combined.

  12. From the Settings list, expand Code Signing.

  13. For Code Signing Identity, select the appropriate signature. Ensure that the same signature is selected for Debug, Release, and Any iOS SDK.

  14. Under PROJECT, select AEM Forms and ensure that the appropriate signature is selected for Code Signing Identity, Debug, Release and Any iOS SDK.

  15. Build and Distribute AEM Forms app. For detailed instructions to build and distribute AEM Forms app, see Build the installer for AEM Forms app.