Promoting Launches promoting-launches

You need to promote launch pages to move the content back into the source (production) before publishing. When a launch page is promoted, the corresponding page of the source pages is replaced with the content of the promoted page. The following options are available when promoting a launch page:

  • Whether to promote only the current page or the entire launch.
  • Whether to promote the child pages of the current page.
  • Whether to promote the full launch or only pages that have changed.

Promoting Launch Pages promoting-launch-pages

To promote pages, perform the following steps while editing the launch page that you want to promote:

  1. On the Page tab in Sidekick, click Promote Launch.

  2. Specify the pages to promote:

    • (Default) To promote only the current page, select Promote Page Changes To Production Version.
    • To also promote the child pages of the current page, select Include Sub Pages.
    • To promote all pages in the launch, select Promote Full Launch To Production Version.
  3. To add the production pages to a workflow package, select Add To Workflow Package and then select the workflow package.

  4. Click Promote.

Processing Promoted Pages Using AEM Workflow processing-promoted-pages-using-aem-workflow

Use workflow models to perform bulk processing of promoted Launches pages:

  1. Create a workflow package.
  2. When authors promote Launch pages, they store them in the workflow package.
  3. Start a workflow model using the package as the payload.

To start a workflow automatically when pages are promoted, configure a workflow launcher for the package node.

For example, you can automatically generate page activation requests when authors promote Launches pages. Configure a workflow launcher to start the Request Activation workflow when the package node is modified.