AEM Headless Journeys aem-headless-journeys

Start here for an overview of the guided journeys available to understand AEM’s powerful headless features.

Introduction introduction

Headless implementation is increasingly becoming important for delivering experiences to your audience, wherever they are and regardless of channel.

Headless implementation forgoes page and component management as is traditional in full stack solutions and focuses on the creation of channel-neutral, reusable fragments of content and their cross-channel delivery. It is a modern and dynamic development pattern for implementing digital experiences.

If you are new to AEM and/or headless, AEM’s Headless Journeys are a great place to start to understand the theory and technology by way of a narrative to solve various business problems in a headless fashion.

AEM Documentation Journeys documentation-journeys

A Documentation Journey ties together many different and perhaps complicated topics and features by providing a narrative that helps the reader, who can be new to AEM, understand and solve a business problem from beginning to end, while assuming minimal prior topic or AEM knowledge.

Documentation Journeys are designed around best practices principles, informed by Adobe’s latest research, proven implementation experience from Adobe consultants, and feedback from customer projects.

If you want to know how Adobe recommends how to solve headless business cases with AEM, AEM Headless Journeys are where to start.

Audiences audiences

Headless Journeys are designed for varying personas, laying out the requirements, steps, and approach to implementing headless solutions from different perspectives.

An individual journey is defined for a specific persona or audience, but also defines additional personas with which the reader interacts.

Information in the journeys can be useful to multiple personas, but a journey is targeted to a specific persona and some information may be superfluous to certain roles.

Headless Journeys headless-journeys

The following Documentation Journeys are available for headless topics.

Primary Audience
Headless Developer Journey
Learn about headless technologies, what they bring to the user experience, how AEM supports headless models, and how to implement your own headless development project from A to Z.
Headless Translation Journey
Learn about headless technologies, why they might be used in your project, and how to create and update translation projects in AEM from A to Z.
Translation Specialists
Headless Authoring Journey
Start here for a guided journey through the powerful and flexible headless features of AEM, their capabilities, and how to model your content on your first headless project.
Headless Architect Journey
Start here for an introduction to the powerful, and flexible, headless features of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, and how to model content for your project.
Content Creators and Authors

Stay tuned for forthcoming journeys covering additional roles.