Multi Site Manager and Translation msm-and-translation

The following administration tools are available for managing websites and pages:

Multinational and Multilingual Sites multinational-and-multilingual-sites

You can efficiently create content for multinational and multilingual sites through the combined use of the Multi Site Manager and the translation workflow. Create a master site in one language, for a specific country, then use that content as a basis for the other sites, using translation where required:

  • Translate the master site into different languages.

  • Use Multi Site Manager to:

    • Re-use content from the master site, and the translations, to create sites for other countries and cultures.
    • Make sure to limit the use of Multi Site Manager to content within one language, for example, English master > English language branches in country sites, French master > French language branches in country sites.
    • Where required, detach elements of the live copies to add localization details.

The following diagram illustrates how the main concepts intersect (but does not show all levels/elements involved):

Diagram showing main concepts of MSM and Translation

In this, and comparable, scenarios MSM does not manage the different language versions as such.
  • MSM manages the deployment of translated content from a blueprint (for example, a global master) to the live copies (for example, the local sites), within the boundaries of a language.
  • The translation integration capabilities of AEM, in conjunction with third-party translation management services, manages the languages and translating content into these different languages.
For more advanced use-cases, MSM may be used across language masters as well.
For all use-cases it is recommended to read the following best practices: