Configuring for AEM Apps configuring-for-aem-apps

Adobe Experience Manager Apps lets you update the content of your application OTA (over the air). The updated content is stored on the publish instance. To allow the App on your device to connect to the publish instance and check for updates, the publish instance must be configured to allow an empty referrer header.

Configuring Empty Referrer Header configuring-empty-referrer-header

To configure the referrer filter service:

  • Open the Apache Felix console (Configurations) at:
  • https://<server>:<port_number>/system/console/configMgr
  • Login as admin.
  • In the Configurations menu, select: Apache Sling Referrer Filter
  • Check the Allow Empty field so you can allow empty/missing referrer headers.
  • Click Save to save your changes.


See the OSGI Configuration Settings and Security Checklist - Issues with Cross-Site Request Forgery for further details.