Displaying information in the Task Summary pane displaying-information-in-the-task-summary-pane

When you open a task in AEM Forms workspace, a Task Summary pane can display a summary of the task. This additional and relevant information for a task adds more value for the end-user of AEM Forms workspace.

AEM Forms workspace lets you display a web page of your choice in the Task Summary pane. A process can be created to display a Task Summary pane using Workbench.

  1. Create an Assign Task process in Workbench. For more details about Assign Task operation, see Service Reference topic in Workbench Help.

    note note
    If a TaskSummary URL exists, the Task Summary view opens by default instead of the Form view. In this case, even when a user enables ‘Open the form in maximized mode’ option in Assign Task, the form does not open in maximized mode.
  2. Configure the Task Summary URL field. You can specify a literal value, a template, a variable, or an XPath expression.

  3. An example of displaying the information on Task Summary page is below.

    • Log in to CRXDE Lite environment at https://'[server]:[port]'/lc/crx/de.
    • Create a nodeSampleSummary under/contentwith typent:unstructured. In the properties of this node, add sling:resourceTypeof type String and valueSampleSummary. In the Access Control List of this node, add an entry for PERM_WORKSPACE_USERallowingjcr:read privileges.
    • Create a folderSampleSummary under /apps. In the Access Control List of /apps/SampleSummary, add an entry for PERM_WORKSPACE_USER allowing jcr:readprivileges.
    • Create a file html.espat/apps/SampleSummary. For example, add the following lines in html.esp.
    code language-html
            <h1>Sample Summary</h1>
            <p>Hello Sir!
                This is sample summary page for this task.
    • Set the value of task summary url as /lc/content/SampleSummary.html in Assign Task step.
    • When the task associated with this Assign Task step is opened in AEM Forms workspace, the html.esp at /apps/SampleSummary is rendered in task summary pane.