Overview of Forms workflow overview-of-forms-workflow

Forms workflow lets users design, manage, and optimize human-centric processes. Using forms workflow, users can also manage automated business-process applications that connect systems and people.

On each Forms workflow page in administration console, you can perform a different set of tasks, as outlined in this table.

Server Settings
  • Configure email settings

  • Configure task notifications for users

  • Configure administrator notifications

  • Configure configuration settings for Business Activity Monitoring

Configuring Server Settings
forms workflow
  • View active processes

  • View and work with process instances, operations, and tasks

  • Suspend, terminate, and retry process instances, subprocesses, and operations

Managing Processes
Process Search
  • Search for processes
Searching for process instances
Task Search
  • Search for tasks by user or task ID
Working with tasks
Stalled Operations Errors
  • View all stalled operations and their errors

  • Retry or terminate stalled operations

Working with stalled operations and branches
Stalled Branch Errors
  • View all stalled branches and their errors

  • Retry stalled branches

Working with stalled operations and branches
Out of Office
  • View a user’s Out of Office information

  • Change the user’s status (either in or out of the office)

  • Add an Out of Office date range

  • Specify what to do with tasks while the user is Out of Office

Configuring Out of Office Settings
Business Calendars
  • Create business calendars that define business and non-business days
Configuring Business Calendars
Shared Queue