Authoring in-context help for form fields authoring-in-context-help-for-form-fields

Adobe recommends using the modern and extensible data capture Core Componentsfor creating new Adaptive Formsor adding Adaptive Forms to AEM Sites pages. These components represent a significant advancement in Adaptive Forms creation, ensuring impressive user experiences. This article describes older approach to author Adaptive Forms using foundation components.

Introduction introduction

There are situations when end users filling a form are not sure how to fill details in a particular form field. To address such issues, adaptive forms provides support to add text or rich in-context help to a form field. It helps improve the form filling experience and avoids any ambiguity for end users.

This article discusses how form authors can add in-context help while authoring Adaptive Forms.

Add in-context help add-in-context-help

You can specify in-context help using the following options in the Help Content section of the properties tab in the sidebar.

In-context help for form fields

Long description overrides the Short description. If you have specified both, only Long description will appear.

Short description short-description

The Short description field is to provide quick and short hints about filling a form field. The text specified in the Short description field is displayed as a tooltip on hovering mouse over the field.

Short description for adding in-context help for form fields

Select Always show short description to permanently display the help text below the field.

Permanent short in-context help below the field

Long description long-description

You can use the Long description field to specify long text or embed rich media content, including videos, as in-context help. For example, the following image shows how you can embed a video as in-context help.

Adding rich media as in-context help for form fields

Adding Long description displays a ? icon next to the field. Clicking the icon displays the content added in the long description section.

Example of rich media in-context help

Panel-level help panel-level-help

In addition to the in-context help for form fields, you can specify help at a panel level in the Help content tab of the panel edit dialog.

Adding in-context help for a form panel

Adding help for panel displays a ? icon next to the panel description. Clicking the icon displays the content added in the Help Content section of the panel edit dialog.

Example of in-context help at form panel level