Adobe Experience Manager Forms Hotfixes aem-form-hotfix

This article lists the critical fixes implemented to address known issues, improve system stability, and enhance overall performance of AEM Forms.

The hotfixes are designed to be cumulative, encompassing all preceding fixes. When you apply the latest hotfix to a release, it not only addresses the most recent issue but also incorporates all prior bug fixes and enhancements.

Hotfixes for Adaptive Forms hotfix-for-adaptive-forms

Hotfix download link (AEM Software Distribution link)
Fixed issues
May 16, 2024
  • In an Adaptive Form based on an XDP with embedded scripts on checkboxes, the scripts are not executed for elements after such checkboxes. A hotfix is available for this issue. (FORMS-14244)
  • Rows in the date picker widget are truncated when traversing through months in the pop-up widget for fields with Edit/Display pattern. A hotfix is available for this issue. (FORMS-13620)
  • Form submissions are failing when trying to use the DOR (Document of Record) service in the backend. The error message encountered is: "Submit Action couldn't complete because Form Resource isn't correctly assigned." (FORMS-13798)
  • When an Adaptive Form is submitted from an Adobe Experience Manager Publish instance to an Adobe Experience Manager Workflow, the workflow fails to save the attachments. (FORMS-14209)
  • On installing AEM 6.5 Forms Service Pack 20 package (AEM Forms add-on package for SP20),the AEM Sites user interface (UI) exhibits significant performance degradation. (FORMS-13791)
  • The prefill service fails with a null pointer exception in Interactive Communications. (CQDOC-21355)
January 29, 2024
  • On AEM Forms on the JEE server, the HTML5 Forms that make use of the context path fail to render. (FORMS-12485, FORMS-12691).
January 29, 2024
  • The out-of-the-box Scribble Signature component fails to render for a preview in an adaptive form. (FORMS-12073).
November 20, 2023
  • Inline signing stops working, when a redirect URL is set in the guide container of an Adaptive Form. (FORMS-10493)
  • Document of Record (DoR) templates fail to publish for localized Adaptive Forms. (FORMS-10535)
  • Interactive Communication with large inline images fails to open in edit mode. (FORMS-10578)

Download and install a Hotfix download-install-hotfix

Perform the following steps to download and install the Hotfix:

  1. Download Hotfix from the Software Distribution link.
  2. Extract the Hotfix archive file so you can obtain an Experience Manager package (.zip) and bundle (.jar) files.
  3. Upload and install the package (.zip) via the Package Manager.
  4. Open the configuration manager bundles https://server:host/system/console/bundles, upload, and install the bundle (.jar). The hotfix is installed.