Creating a custom toolbar action creating-a-custom-toolbar-action

Prerequisites prerequisite

Before you create a custom toolbar action, make yourself familiar with Using Client Side Libraries and Developing with CRXDE Lite.

What is an action what-is-an-action-br

An adaptive form provides a toolbar that lets a form author configure a set of options. These options are defined as actions for the adaptive form. Click the Edit button in the Toolbar for Panel to set the actions supported by adaptive forms.

Default toolbar actions

Besides the set of actions provided by default, you can create custom actions in the toolbar. For example, you can add an action to enable the user to review all the adaptive form fields before a form is submitted.

Steps to create a custom action in an adaptive forms steps

To illustrate the creation of a custom toolbar action, the following steps guide you to create a button for end users to review all the adaptive form fields before submitting a filled form.

  1. All the default actions supported by adaptive forms are present in /libs/fd/af/components/actions folder. In CRXDE, copy the fileattachmentlisting node from /libs/fd/af/components/actions/fileattachmentlisting to /apps/customaction.

  2. After copying the node to apps/customaction folder, rename the node name to reviewbeforesubmit. Also, change the jcr:title and jcr:description properties of the node.

    The jcr:title property contains the name of the action that is displayed in the toolbar dialog. The jcr:description property contains more information that is displayed when a user hovers the pointer over the action.

    Hierarchy of nodes for customization of toolbar

  3. Select cq:template node in reviewbeforesubmit node. Ensure that the value of guideNodeClass property is guideButton and change jcr:title property accordingly.

  4. Change the type property in the cq:Template node. For the current example, change the type property to button.

    The type value is added as a CSS class in the generated HTML for the component. Users can use that CSS Class to style their actions. The default styling for both, mobile and desktop devices, is provided for the button, submit, reset, and save type values.

  5. Select the custom action from the adaptive form edit toolbar dialog. A Review button is displayed in the toolbar for the panel.

    Custom action is available in the toolbar Displaying the custom-created toolbar action

  6. To provide functionality to the Review button, add some JavaScript and CSS code and server-side code in the init.jsp file, present inside the reviewbeforesubmit node.

    Add the following code in init.jsp.

    code language-jsp
    <%@include file="/libs/fd/af/components/guidesglobal.jsp" %>
    <guide:initializeBean name="guideField" className=""/>
    <c:if test="${not isEditMode}">
            <cq:includeClientLib categories="reviewsubmitclientlibruntime" />
    <%--- BootStrap Modal Dialog  --------------%>
    <div class="modal fade" id="reviewSubmit" tabindex="-1">
        <div class="modal-dialog">
            <div class="modal-content">
                <div class="modal-header">
                    <h3>Review the Form Fields</h3>
                <div class="modal-body">
                    <div class="modal-list">
                        <table class="table table-bordered">
                            <tr class="name">
                                <td class="reviewlabel col-md-3 active">
                                    <label>Your Name is: </label>
                            <tr class="pan">
                                <td class="reviewlabel col-md-3 active">
                                    <label>Your Pan Number is: </label>
                            <tr class="dob">
                                <td class="reviewlabel col-md-3 active">
                                    <label>Your Date Of Birth is: </label>
                            <tr class="80cdeclaration">
                                <td class="reviewlabel col-md-3 active">
                                    <label>Your Total 80C Declaration Amount is: </label>
                            <tr class="rentpaid">
                                <td class="reviewlabel col-md-3 active">
                                    <label>Your Total HRA Amount is: </label>
                </div><!-- /.modal-body -->
                <div class="modal-footer">
                    <div class="fileAttachmentListingCloseButton col-md-2 col-xs-2 col-sm-2">
                        <button data-dismiss="modal">Close</button>
            </div><!-- /.modal-content -->
        </div><!-- /.modal-dialog -->
    </div><!-- /.modal -->

    Add the following code in the ReviewBeforeSubmit.js file.

    code language-javascript
    /*anonymous function to handle show of review before submit view */
    $(function () {
        if($("div.reviewbeforesubmit button[id*=reviewbeforesubmit]").length > 0) {
            $("div.reviewbeforesubmit button[id*=reviewbeforesubmit]").click(function(){
                // Create the options object to be passed to the getElementProperty API
                var options = {},
                    result = [];
                options.somExpressions = [];
                options.propertyName = "value";
                    if( === "name" || === "pan" || === "dateofbirth" || === "total" || === "totalmonthlyrent"){
                }, this);
                result = guideBridge.getElementProperty(options);
                $('#reviewSubmit .reviewlabel').each(function(index, item){
                    var data = (([index] == null) ? "No Data Filled" :[index]);
                    } else {
                        $(this).after($("<td></td>").addClass("reviewlabelvalue col-md-6 active").html(data));
                // added because in mobile devices it was causing problem of backdrop

    Add the following code to ReviewBeforeSubmit.css file.

    code language-css
    .modal-list .reviewlabel {
        white-space: normal;
        text-align: right;
    .modal-list .reviewlabelvalue {
        border: #cde0ec 1px solid;
    /* Adding icon for this action in mobile devices */
    /* This is the glyphicon provided by bootstrap eye-open */
    /* .<type> .iconButton-icon */
    .reviewbeforesubmit .iconButton-icon {
        position: relative;
        top: -8px;
        font-family: 'Glyphicons Halflings';
        font-style: normal;
    .reviewbeforesubmit .iconButton-icon:before {
        content: "\e105"
  7. To verify the functionality of the custom action, open the adaptive form in Preview mode and click Review in the toolbar.

    note note
    The GuideBridge library is not loaded in authoring mode. Hence, this custom action does not work in the authoring mode.

    Demonstration of the action of the custom review button

Samples samples

The following archive contains a content package. The package includes an adaptive form related to the above demo of custom toolbar action.

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