Associating submission reviewers with a form associating-submission-reviewers-with-a-form

Adobe recommends using the modern and extensible data capture Core Componentsfor creating new Adaptive Formsor adding Adaptive Forms to AEM Sites pages. These components represent a significant advancement in Adaptive Forms creation, ensuring impressive user experiences. This article describes older approach to author Adaptive Forms using foundation components.

When you create a form, you can specify users who review the submissions of the form via forms portal and provide feedback. Your organization can collect feedback and rework on the submitted forms.

AEM Forms lets you associate a reviewer group with a form. Users added to a review group of a form see submissions of this form, and provide feedback.

Reviewer groups assigned to a form can only review the submissions of the specified form.

Prerequisite prerequisite

Enabling submission reviewer groups property for adaptive forms using metadata schema editor enabling-submission-reviewer-groups-property-for-adaptive-forms-using-metadata-schema-editor

To associate a reviewer group with a form, edit the metadata schema of adaptive forms. By default, you cannot add a reviewer group to a submitted form.

To edit metadata schema:

  1. In the author mode, under Experience Manager, click Tools > Assets > Metadata Schemas.

  2. In the Schema Forms page, navigate to Forms > Forms Authored in AEM.

    The URL of the page is:

    code language-html
  3. Select Adaptive Form and click Edit.

  4. In the Edit Form page, click Advanced.

  5. In the Advanced tab, drag-and-drop the Single Line Text component available under Build Form.

  6. Select the added text component to see its settings.

    Under Settings, enter ./jcr:content/metadata/form-submission-reviewer-group in the Map to Property field.

    The submission reviewer group field in the Advanced properties of your adaptive form is enabled with the name you specify under Field Label.

Associating submission reviewers with a form associating-submission-reviewers-with-a-form-1

To associate submission reviewers with an adaptive form, create a reviewer group and add users to it. Add the created reviewer group under the form submission reviewer field in the advanced properties of the form.
User groups let you associate different sets of submission reviewers with different adaptive forms. This feature prevents a submission review from an unauthorized user.

Before you perform the following steps, see Prerequisite.

To create a group and add members to it, navigate to Tools > Operations > Security > Groups.
For more information, see User Administration and Services.
Ensure that you add the group you create as a member of the out-of-the-box user group: forms-submission-reviewers. This user group is shipped with AEM Forms, and it ensures that users are added as submission reviewers.

To associate user groups with an adaptive form:

  1. In the authoring mode, navigate to Forms > Forms & Documents.

  2. Use the **Select **option to select an adaptive form, and click View Properties.

  3. In the Properties window of the form, click Edit, and then click ADVANCED.

  4. Enter the group in the submission reviewer group field, and click Done.

    The submission reviewer group field appears with the name you specified in the edited metadata schema of adaptive forms.

Replicate users and forms to ensure availability of the users and forms in the remote implementation of AEM Forms.
Ensure that all users are replicated as reviewing members of the user groups in the remote implementation.