Editing Launches editing-launches

Editing Launch Pages editing-launch-pages

When a launch has been created for a page (or set of pages) you can edit the content in the launch copy of the pages).

  1. Access the Launch from References (Sites console) to show the available actions.
  2. Select Go to the page to open the page for editing.
You are not allowed to move a page within a launch. Attempting this action will trigger a warning message:
  • Warning: This page is the source of a launch. Moving the page is not permitted.

Editing Launch Pages Subject to a Live Copy editing-launch-pages-subject-to-a-live-copy

If your launch is based upon a live copy then you will:

  • see lock symbols (small padlocks) when you edit a component (content and/or properties).
  • see the Live Copy tab in Page Properties

A livecopy is used to synchronize content from the source branch to your launch branch (to keep your launch up-to-date with changes made in the source).

You can make changes in the same way as you can edit a standard live copy; for example:

  • Clicking on a closed padlock will break this synchronization and let you make new updates to the content in your launch. Once unlocked (open padlock) your changes will not be overwritten by any changes made at the same location within the source branch.
  • Suspend (and Resume) inheritance for a specific page.

See Changing Live Copy Content for further information.

Comparing a Launch Page to its Source Page comparing-a-launch-page-to-its-source-page

To track the changes you have made, you can view the launch in References and compare the launch page with its source page:

  1. In the Sites console, navigate to the source page of your launch and select it.

  2. Open the References panel and select Launches.

  3. Select your specific launch then Compare to Source:


  4. The two pages (launch and source) will be opened side-by-side.

    For full information about using this feature see Page Diff.

Changing the Source Pages Used changing-the-source-pages-used

At any time you can either add or remove pages to/from the range of source pages for a launch:

  1. Access and select the launch from either:

    The source pages are shown.

  2. Make your required changes, then confirm with Save.

    note note
    To add pages to a launch they must be below a common language root; that is, within a single site.

Editing a Launch Configuration editing-a-launch-configuration

At any time you can edit the properties for a launch:

  1. Access and select the launch from either:

    The details are shown.

  2. Make your required changes, then confirm with Save.

    See Launches - the Order of Events for information about the purpose and interaction of the Launch Date and Production Ready fields.

Discovering the Launch Status of a Page discovering-the-launch-status-of-a-page

The status is shown when you select a specific launch from the references tab (see Launches in References (Sites Console)).