Creating Launches creating-launches

Create a launch to enable the updating of a new version of existing web pages for future activation. When you create a Launch, you specify a title and the source page:

  • The title appears in the Sidekick, from where authors can access them to work on them.
  • The child pages of the source page are included in the launch by default. You can use only the source page if desired.
  • By default, Live Copy automatically updates the launch pages as the source pages change. You can specify that a static copy is created to prevent automatic changes.

Optionally, you can specify the Launch Date (and time) to define when the launch pages are to be promoted and activated. However the Launch Date only operates in combination with the Production Ready flag (see Editing a Launch Configuration); for the actions to actually occur automatically, both must be set.

Creating a Launch creating-a-launch

The following procedure creates a launch.

  1. Open the Website administration page (http://localhost:4502/siteadmin).

  2. Click New… then New Launch….

  3. In the Create Launch dialog, specify values for the following properties:

    • Launch Title: The name of the Launch. The name should be meaningful for authors.
    • Source Page: The path to the page for which to create the launch. By default, all child pages are included.
    • Exclude Sub Pages: Select this option to create the launch only for the source page and not the child pages. By default, this option is not selected.
    • Keep In Sync: Select this option to automatically update the content of launch pages when the source pages change. This is achieved by making the launch a live copy.
    • Launch Date: The date and time when the launch copy is to be activated (dependent on the Production Ready flag; see Launches - the Order of Events).


  4. Click Create.

Deleting a Launch deleting-a-launch

You can also delete a launch.

  1. In the launches console, select the required launch.

  2. Click Delete - confirmation is required:


    note caution
    When deleting nested launches you should delete lower levels first.