Editing Launches editing-launches

Editing Launch Pages editing-launch-pages

When a launch has been created for a page (or set of pages) you can edit the content in the launch copy of the pages.

  1. Open the page for editing.

  2. In Sidekick, select the Versioning tab, then expand the Launches group. The title of the launch that is currently being edited uses a bold font.


  3. Select the launch that you want to work on and then click Switch.

  4. Start editing.

    note note
    You can use the Page tab of sidekick to perform actions such as Create Child Page, among others.

Editing a Launch Configuration editing-a-launch-configuration

After you create a launch you can change the launch name and the date of the launch. You can also specify an image to associate with the launch.

  1. Open the launches administration page (http://localhost:4502/libs/launches/content/admin.html).

  2. Select the required launch and click Edit to open the dialog:

    • In the General tab, you can edit:

      • Title
      • Live Date: this is equivalent to the launch date
      • Production Ready

      See Launches - the Order of Events for information about the purpose and interaction of these fields.

    • In the Image tab, you can upload an image file.

  3. Click Save.

Discovering the Launch Status of a Page discovering-the-launch-status-of-a-page

When you are editing a launch of a page, information about the launch appears at the bottom of the Versioning tab of Sidekick:

  • The name of the launch.
  • The time since the last change.
  • The user who performed the last change.
  • The status of the Production Ready flag (orange=not set; green=set).