Video renditions video-renditions

Adobe Experience Manager Assets generates video renditions for video assets of various formats including OGG, FLV, and so on.

Experience Manager Assets supports static and dynamic renditions (DM-encoded renditions) for media assets.

Static renditions are generated natively using FFMPEG (installed and available on the system path) and stored in the content repository.

The DM-encoded renditions are stored in the proxy server and served at runtime.

Experience Manager Assets provide playback support for these renditions on the client side.

To view the renditions of a particular video asset, open its asset page, and select the Global Navigation icon. Then, choose Renditions from the list.


The list of video renditions is displayed in the Renditions panel.


To configure the proxy server for DM-encoded renditions, configure Dynamic Media Cloud services.

To generate video renditions with desired parameters, create a corresponding video profile.

After you configure the proxy server and create video profiles, you can include this video preset in a processing profile and apply the processing profile to a folder.

Audio playback does not work for OGG and WAV files on Microsoft® Internet Explorer 11. An error Invalid Source displays up on the asset details page for assets with extension OGG or WAV.
On MS® Edge and iPad, OGG files do not play and raise an unsupported format error.