Adding attachments adding-attachments

Adding attachments in forms synced with AEM Forms Workflow server (AEM Forms on JEE) adding-annotations

AEM Forms app lets you attach images, scribbled notes, and text notes to your form synced with AEM Forms JEE server. If your form is loaded from an AEM Forms Workflow server, your attachments are added to the form. You can select the attachment button attachments-app to see all the attachments in a form together. The red notification specifies the number of attachments in the form. If there are no attachments in the form, you cannot see the red notifications button. If there are no attachments in the form, when you select the attachments button attch , you get options to attach photos or scribbles.

Your options are:

  • Gallery: Lets you add a picture from the pictures saved on your device.

  • Camera: Lets you take a picture and add it to the form.

  • Notes: Lets you add a scribble or a text note. Use scribble to add a scribble, and keyboard to add a text note.

Attachments added by one user are visible to other AEM Forms app users. Other users cannot delete attachments added by a user.

The Attachments screen the-attachments-screen

To see all the attachments in a place, select attachments-app . You can add, rename, and delete attachments here.

All attachments in a place

You can use the + button in the Attachments screen to attach another picture, scribble, or text.

Adding a photograph adding-a-photograph

You can use the camera of your mobile device or saved pictures in your device to attach a picture in the form.

  1. Select the attachment button attch at the bottom of the window.

  2. Select Gallery or Camera in the pop-up that appears.

  3. Based on the option you select, perform the following:

    1. If you select Camera.

      Take a photograph. Then select the Use use-pic button.

      Or select the Retake retake button to retake the photograph.

    2. If you select Gallery.

      The image browser of device pops up. In the picture browser of your device, select the picture you want to attach.

Adding a note adding-a-note

The Notes option lets you add freehand scribbles and text attachments in your form.

  1. Select the attachment button attch at the bottom of the window.

  2. Select Notes in the pop-up that appears.

  3. In the Notes user interface that is launched, capture a freehand scribble.

    Scribble interface


    You can use the following options in the Scribble interface:

    • Clear: Clears the screen.
    • Done button: Attaches the current scribble.
    • Cancel button: Discards the current scribble and exits the Scribble user interface.
    • keyboard : Clears the scribble and lets you add a text note.

    Keyboard in AEM Forms app scribble

Attachments in forms synced with the AEM Forms servers without AEM Forms Workflow (AEM Forms on OSGi) attachments-in-forms-synced-with-the-aem-forms-servers-without-aem-forms-workflow-aem-forms-on-osgi

Attachments for mobile forms synced with AEM Forms OSGi servers work similar to the AEM Forms JEE servers.

Form level attachments are not supported for adaptive forms loaded in the app from an AEM Forms OSGi server. To attach images or text notes, enable field level attachments in the form when you author it. Drag-drop the file attachment component from the components browser on the field.

If there are adaptive forms, you can view the attached files in the document of record (DoR). See, Generate Document of Record for non-XFA adaptive forms.