Configure AEM forms to prefetchdomain information configure-aem-forms-to-prefetchdomain-information

Users may experience a slower response time if they belong to many groups (for example, 500 or more) or if the groups are nested deeply (for example, 30 levels). If you are experiencing this problem, you can configure AEM forms to prefetch information from certain domains.

  1. In administration console, click Settings > User Management > Configuration > Import And Export Configuration Files.

  2. To export the current configuration setting to a file, click Export and save the configuration file in another location.

  3. Add the following node (marked in bold):

    code language-xml
     <node name="UM">
     <node name="PrincipalCache">
             <entry key="principalCacheSize" value="1000"/>
             <entry key="principalCacheBatchFetchSize" value="10"/>
             <entry key="rebuildCacheAfterSync" value="true />
             <entry key="enableFullPrefetch" value="false"/>
             <entry key="principalCacheDomains" value="Domain_Name1/Domain_Name2/Domain_Name3"/>
     <node name="APSAuditService">

    In this example, multiple domains are configured for prefetch. The domain names are separated by a “/”. This is shown in the example above with Domain_Name1, Domain_Name2, and Domain_Name3.

  4. To import the updated file, in User Management, click Configuration > Import And Export Configuration Files.

  5. Click Browse to find the file, click Import, and then click OK.