Configure Assets Insights configure-asset-insights

Adobe Experience Manager Assets fetches usage data around digital assets used by third-party websites from Adobe Analytics. To enable Assets Insights to retrieve this data and generate insights, first configure the feature to integrate with Adobe Analytics. To use this feature in an on-premise installation, purchase Adobe Analytics license separately. Customers on Managed Services receive Analytics license bundled with Experience Manager. See Managed Services product description.

Insights are only supported and provided for images.
  1. In Experience Manager, click Tools > Assets.


  2. Click the Insights Configuration card.

  3. In the wizard, select a data center and provide your credentials including the name of your organization, user name, and Shared Secret.

    Configure Adobe Analytics for Assets Insights in Experience Manager

    Figure: Configure Adobe Analytics for Assets Insights in Experience Manager.

  4. Click Authenticate.

  5. After Experience Manager authenticates your credentials, from the Report Suite list, choose an Adobe Analytics report suite from where you want Assets Insights to fetch data. Click Add.

  6. After Experience Manager sets up your report suite, click Done.

Page tracker page-tracker

After you configure your Adobe Analytics account, the Page Tracker code is generated for you. To enable Assets Insights to track Experience Manager assets used in third-party websites, include the page tracker code in the website code. Use the Page Tracker utility in Experience Manager Assets to generate the page tracker code. For more information on how to include your Page Tracker code in third-party web pages, see Use page tracker and embed code in web pages.

  1. In Experience Manager, click Tools > Assets.


  2. From the Navigation page, click the Insights Page Tracker card.

  3. Click Download to download the page tracker code.