Enabling attachments for an HTML5 form enabling-attachments-for-an-html-form

You can upload, preview, and submit attachments with HTML5 forms. By default, the attachment support is disabled. To enable the attachment support:

  1. Create a custom profile with a mfAttachmentOptions multiselect string property. Each string in the mfAttachmentOptions property must have a property=value format to configure options of the file attachment widget. The property and value can have any of the following values:

    table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2
    Property Value
    multiSelect true or false (true by default)
    fileSizeLimit Number in MBs (2 MBs by default). For example, 5.
    buttonText Button text for pop-up window (“Attach” by default)
    accept comma-separated list of file types to accept (“audio/*, video/*, image/*, text/*, .pdf” by default)

    For example:

    configure options

    As required, you can also specify more custom options for the mfAttachmentOptions property.

    note note
    In Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, users can attach files larger than the specified limit. It is a known issue.
  2. Use the metadata editor to select the custom profile that you have created above for HTML 5 forms.

  3. Render your form template with custom profile and the attachments icon would appear on the forms toolbar.

    note note
    Out of the box, the forms portal provides a custom profile with drafts and attachments capability enabled. For more information about the Save as Draft profile, see Saving HTML5 forms as a draft.
  4. Click the attachment icon, an attachment selection dialog box appears. Browse and select the attachment and click Attach.

    note note
    To preview an attachment, click the attachment name.
    note note
    The file preview option is not available for anonymous users.

Attachment submission format attachment-submission-format

When attachments are enabled, HTML5 form submits multipart data. The multi-part submission data has two parts dataXml and attachments.

For backward compatibility, if mfAllowAttachments option is turned off, then the HTML5 forms does not send the multi-part data. It sends simple data xml in application/xml format.

If the mfAllowAttachments flag is turned on, the submit service proxy service also posts multipart data with dataXml and attachments.