Unable to get Email with Attachments for AEM Forms on JEE Platforms unable-to-get-email-with-attachments

The issue applies to the following version:

  • Experience Manager 6.5 Forms

Issue issue

User is not able to perform operations such as Send PDF via Email or Include Attachments with Submission configuration.

Solution solution

  1. Download jar as java.mail-1.0.jar and unzip the downloaded jar file to obtain the manifest file.

  2. Use the manifest file of java.mail-1.0.jar retrieved from Step 1 to create a custom jar file say as java.mail-1.5.jar.

  3. Open the manifest file and replace all the occurrences of 1.5.0 with 1.5.6 and Bundle-Version: 1.0 with Bundle-Version:1.5

  4. Create a custom jar (java.mail-1.5.jar) file by using following command in C:\Adobe\Adobe_Experience_Manager_Forms\java\jdk\bin folder as:
    jar -cfm java.mail-1.5.jar manifest.mf

    In the above command, manifest.mf is the name of the manifest file and java.mail-1.5.jar is the name of the file that would be created after executing the above command.

  5. Download javax.mail-1.5.6.redhat-1.jar.

  6. Navigate to http://<server name>:<port>/lc/system/console/bundlesand delete the bundle with a name as JavaMail API (com.sun.mail.javax.mail) version 1.6.2.

  7. Install java.mail-1.5.jar obtained from step 3. This step restarts the sling properties of the JEE deployment. Wait for the installed bundles at http://<server name>:<port>/lc/system/console/bundles to show Status as Active.

    In case the status is still InActive, restart JBoss® from the Services Console.

  8. Install javax.mail-1.5.6.redhat-1.jarfile downloaded using step 5.

  9. Stop JBoss® from the Services Console and append the following properties to Sling.properties file:

    • org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra=javax.activation; version\=1.2.0
    • sling.bootdelegation.activation=javax.activation.*
  10. Restart JBoss®.

It is recommended to use the ‘Ctrl + C’ command to restart the SDK. Restarting the AEM SDK using alternative methods, for example, stopping Java processes, may lead to inconsistencies in the AEM development environment.