Working with Dynamic Media working-with-dynamic-media

Dynamic Media helps deliver rich visual merchandising and marketing assets on demand, automatically scaled for consumption on web, mobile, and social sites. Using a set of primary source assets, Dynamic Media generates and delivers multiple variations of rich content in real time through its global, scalable, performance-optimized network.

Dynamic Media serves interactive viewing experiences, including zoom, 360-degree spin, and video. Dynamic Media uniquely incorporates the workflows of the Adobe Experience Manager digital asset management (Assets) solution to simplify and streamline the digital campaign management process.

What you can do with Dynamic Media what-you-can-do-with-dynamic-media

Dynamic Media lets you manage your assets before publishing them. How to work with assets in general is covered in detail in Work with digital assets. General topics include uploading, downloading, editing, and publishing assets; viewing and editing properties, and searching for assets.

Dynamic Media-only features include the following:

See also Set up Dynamic Media.

To understand the differences between using Dynamic Media and integrating Dynamic Media Classic with Adobe Experience Manager, see Dynamic Media Classic integration versus Dynamic Media.

Dynamic Media enabled versus Dynamic Media disabled dynamic-media-on-versus-dynamic-media-off

You can tell whether Dynamic Media is enabled (turned on) by the following characteristics:

  • Dynamic renditions are available when downloading or previewing assets.
  • Image sets, spin sets, mixed media sets are available.
  • PTIFF renditions are created.

When you select an image asset, the view of the asset is different with Dynamic Media enabled. Dynamic Media uses the on-demand HTML5 viewers.

Dynamic renditions dynamic-renditions

Dynamic renditions such as image and viewer presets (under Dynamic) are available when Dynamic Media is enabled.


Image sets, spins sets, mixed media sets image-sets-spins-sets-mixed-media-sets

Image sets, spin sets, and mixed media sets are available if Dynamic Media is enabled.


PTIFF renditions ptiff-renditions

Dynamic Media-enabled assets include pyramid.tiffs.


Asset views change asset-views-change

With Dynamic Media enabled, you can zoom in and out by clicking the + and - buttons. You can also click to zoom into certain area. Revert brings you to the original version and you can make the image full screen by clicking the diagonal arrows. Dynamic Media enabled looks like this:


With Dynamic Media disabled you can zoom in and out and revert to the original size: