Product Cockpit product-cockpit

Overview overview

The Product Cockpit provides a unified overview of linked product catalogs and associated content. All associated content has links to quickly access it from the cockpit.

Staged product data includes any mutation in the future such as new categories, products, or updated properties.

The term product catalog is interchangeable with commerce store, store view, and similar expressions.

Configuration configuration

Product catalogs must be configured in AEM. See configuring store and catalogs for more information.

Enabling staged catalog features require authentication. See Getting Started for more information.

Staged catalog features are only available with Adobe Commerce and third-party connectors that support token-based authentication.

Opening the Product Cockpit opening-product-cockpit

The easiest way to access the Product Cockpit is via the ‘Commerce’ menu in AEM’s main menu. It is also possible to use Omnisearch (search for Commerce) or opening https://<yourAEMInstance>/commerce.html.

AEM menu

Browsing Product Catalogs browsing-product-catalogs

The Product Cockpit is organized in a hierarchical way following the product catalog structure. The first level shows the catalog root level of all configured product catalogs including meta information of the commerce backend.

Configured catalogs

Clicking a category loads the children of the clicked category.

Category children

Clicking a product loads product variations if available.

Product variations

Product catalog data in AEM is data that is retrieved in real time via the configured commerce endpoint. No product catalog data is stored in AEM.

Searching Product Catalogs searching-product-catalog

A full-text search over the full product catalog is provided in the left filter tab to quickly find products.


Browsing Staged Product Catalog staged-product-catalogs

By default, the product cockpit shows live product catalog data. Using the “STAGED CATALOG” in the left filter tab loads the product catalog for any selected date.

staged catalog

Product Catalog Properties catalog-properties

Clicking the properties icon of a product or category opens the property view of the selected object. Open properties of a product variant are equal to open the main product properties.

Commerce Tabs tabs

The general and variant tabs show pre-defined commerce properties that come from the commerce backend. This data (incl. variants) is read-only data in AEM as the system of record is the commerce backend. The variant tab only appears for products with variants and shows a list of all variants.

catalog properties

AEM Content Tabs content-tabs

These tabs, grouped by AEM content types (Experience Fragments, Content Fragments, Associated Assets), show AEM content that is associated with the commerce object. The action ‘View Details’ opens a new browser tab with the selected content.

content properties