Search searching

The author environment of AEM provides various mechanisms for searching for content, dependent on the resource type.

Outside the author environment other mechanisms are also available for searching, such as the Query Builder and CRXDE Lite.

Search Basics search-basics

Search is available from the top toolbar:


With the search rail you can:

  • Search for a specific keyword, path or tag.
  • Filter according to resource specific criteria, such as modified dates, page status, file size, and so on.
  • Define and use a saved search - based on the above criteria.
Search can also be invoked by using the hotkey / (forward slash) whenever the search rail is visible.

Search and Filter search-and-filter

To search and filter your resources:

  1. Open Search (with the magnifying glass in the toolbar) and enter your search term. Suggestions will be made and can be selected:


    By default the search results will be limited to your current location (that is, console and related resource type):


  2. If necessary, you can remove the location filter (select X on the filter you want removed) to search across all consoles/resource types.

  3. The results are shown, grouped according to console and related resource type.

    You can either select a specific resource (for further action), or drill down by selecting the required resource type; for example, View All Sites:


  4. If you want to drill down further, select the Rail symbol (top left) to open the side panel Filters & Options.

    Filters & Options

    According to the resource type Search will show a predefined selection of search/filter critera.

    The side panel lets you select:

    • Saved Searches
    • Search Directory
    • Tags
    • Search Criteria; for example, Modified Dates, Publish Status, LiveCopy Status.
    note note
    The search criteria can vary:
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    * Depending on the resource type you have selected; for example, the Assets and Communities criteria are understandably specialized.
    * Your instance as the [Search Forms]( can be customized (appropriate to the location within AEM).


  5. You can also add additional search terms:


  6. Close Search with the X (top right).

Search criteria are persisted when selecting an item in the search results.
When you select an item on the search results page, when returning to the search page after using the browser back button, the search criteria remain.

Saved Searches saved-searches

As well as searching by a wide range of facets you can also save a particular search configuration for retrieval and use at a later stage:

  1. Define your search criteria and select Save.


  2. Assign a name, then use Save to confirm:


  3. Your saved search will be available from the selector the next time you access the search panel:


  4. Once saved you can:

    • Use x (against the name of the saved search) to start a new query (the saved search itself will not be deleted).
    • Edit Saved Search, change the search conditions, then Save again.

Saved searches can be modified by selecting the saved search and clicking Edit Saved Search at the bottom of the search panel.