Developing AEM Components - Code Samples developing-aem-components-code-samples

This section provides some examples on how to create your own components for AEM.

For the underlying concepts, see:

For information about the classic UI see AEM Components for the Classic UI.

To help you analyze, test and debug your components, AEM provides:

Code Sample - How to Customize Dialog Fields code-sample-how-to-customize-dialog-fields


You can find the code of this page on GitHub

This code sample is related to the AEM Gems session on Customizing Dialog Fields.

Add New Action to a Component Toolbar add-new-action-to-a-component-toolbar

New actions can be added to component toolbars using the edit layer of the page editor.

Details, together with links to the code sample, are under Add New Action to a Component Toolbar.

Customizing and Extending Content Fragments customizing-and-extending-content-fragments

You may want to extend the standard Content Fragment component to add features.

Details are under Customizing and Extending Content Fragments.