Customize and extend Assets customizing-and-extending-assets

The Asset Editor is the primary point of access that users of an Adobe Enterprise Manager website use to find, view, and manipulate the digital assets in your repository.

As an Experience Manager developer, you can customize and extend the Asset Editor in several ways, presenting users with a specifically tailored interface and set of functionality.

The following aspects of the functionality can be customized or enhanced:

Customize the appearance customizing-the-look-and-feel

The following aspects of the look and feel of the Asset Editor are customizable:

  • Logo: You can add your own organization’s logo to the interface.
  • Colors and Fonts: You can change the colors and fonts used in the interface.
  • HTML Code: For more thorough customization you can change the underlying HTML code that defines the interfaces.

Customize renditions customizing-renditions

In Experience Manager Assets terminology a rendition is the form in which an asset is presented. In general, a particular asset may have multiple renditions. For example, full-color image may have one rendition in its original size, another at a scaled-down size and another that is both scaled down and converted to grayscale.

The renditions that a particular asset is available in can be customized and new renditions created.