Getting Started Developing AEM Sites - WKND Tutorial getting-started-developing-aem-sites-wknd-tutorial

Overview overview

New to developing AEM? Need a refresher on best practices? This is the place to start!

The goal for this multi-part tutorial is to teach a developer who is new to AEM how to implement a website in AEM using the latest standards and technologies. The hope is at the end of this tutorial you will understand the basic foundation of the AEM platform and knowledge of some of the common design patterns.

WKND Developer Tutorial wknd-developer-tutorial


The WKND Developer Tutorial is available here and guides you through creating an AEM project using the latest technologies and best practices.

Core Concepts core-concepts

The tutorial implementation uses many powerful features of AEM. The site will be implemented using:

Progress through the tutorial before diving into the above concepts in detail.

Next Steps next-steps

Once you have completed the tutorial, consider reviewing the document AEM Core Concepts to get a better understanding of some of the underlying technologies and development paradigms of AEM.