AEM Fluid Experiences Feature List aem-fluid-experiences-feature-list

Adobe Experience Manager Fluid Experiences draws from the powerful feature sets of AEM Sites, AEM Dynamic Media, and AEM Assets to provide a robust solution for headless content delivery.

AEM Fluid Experiences differentiates itself from classic AEM in that only the headless delivery use case is addressed. Headful content authoring and delivery and AEM’s strong support for hybrid use cases are available with the full AEM Sites, Assets, and Dynamic Media solutions.

The following tables define the features of AEM Fluid Experiences and link to the relevant support documentation.

AEM Fluid Experiences is a subset of AEM functionality. The features linked to in these tables may include additional features included in AEM, but not in AEM Fluid Experiences.

Repository Features repository-features

Access, API, and Delivery Features access-api-and-delivery-features

Structured content models
Content services
Experience fragments
HTTP API for structured content (read)
HTTP API for structured content (CRUD)
Core Components
Dynamic Media

Admin and Integration Features admin-and-integration-features

Analytics and Personalization analytics-and-personalization

Asset reporting
Enhanced Insights powered by Adobe Analytics
Enhanced Insights powered by Adobe Target

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