Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 Latest Service Pack Release Notes aem-service-pack-release-notes

Release information release-information

Adobe Experience Manager 6.5
Service Pack release
Thursday, May 25, 2023
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What is included in Experience Manager what-is-included-in-aem-6517

Experience Manager includes new features, key customer-requested enhancements, bug fixes, and performance, stability, and security improvements that have released since the initial availability of 6.5 in April 2019. Install this service pack on Experience Manager 6.5.

Some of the key features and improvements in this release are the following:

  • Search experience enhancements - You can now quickly perform the following operations on the assets that display in the search results:

    • Create a workflow
    • Create a version
    • Relate or Unrelate assets

    You do not need to navigate to the asset location and view its properties to perform these operations.

  • Dynamic Media Snapshot - Experiment with test images or Dynamic Media URLs, to see the output of different image modifiers, and Smart Imaging optimizations for file size (with WebP and AVIF delivery), network bandwidth, and Device Pixel Ratio. See Dynamic Media Snapshot.

  • DASH streaming with Dynamic Media - New protocol (DASH - Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) support launched for Adaptive streaming in Dynamic Media video delivery (with CMAF enabled). Available now for all regions, enabled by way of a support ticket.

  • Integration of Experience Manager Sites and Content Fragments with Assets Next-Generation Dynamic Media - Users of Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service Next-Generation Dynamic Media can now use those cloud-hosted assets for authoring and delivery with on-premise or Managed Services instances of Experience Manager Sites 6.5.

Enhancements in Service Pack 17 enhancements-sp17

Forms aem-forms-6517

  • Adaptive Forms within AEM Page Editor: You can now use AEM Page Editor to quickly create and add multiple forms to your sites pages. This capability allows content authors to create seamless data capture experiences within Sites pages using the power of adaptive forms components including dynamic behavior, validations, data integration, generate document of record and business process automation. You can:

    • Create an Adaptive Form by dragging and dropping form components to Adaptive Forms Container Component in AEM Sites editor or Experience Fragments.
    • Use the Adaptive Forms Wizard within AEM Sites editor so you can create forms independent of any Sites page, providing you the freedom to reuse such forms across multiple pages.
    • Add multiple forms to a Sites page, streamlining the user experience and providing greater flexibility.
  • Support of reCAPTCHA Enterprise in Experience Manager Forms: Added support for reCAPTCHA Enterprise in Experience Manager Forms, providing enhanced protection against fraudulent activity and spam, in addition to existing Google reCAPTCHA v2 support.

  • Support for Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government with Experience Manager Forms: AEM Forms now integrate with Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government (FedRAMP compliant). This integration provides an advanced level of compliance and security for e-Signatures with Adaptive Form submissions for government associated accounts (Government departments and agencies). Integration with Adobe Acrobat Sign for Government enables Adobe’s partners and government customers to use electronic signatures in Adaptive Forms for some of the most mission-critical and sensitive lines of business. This additional layer of security ensures that all e-signatures are fully compliant with FedRAMP Moderate compliance, providing Adobe’s government customers with peace of mind.

  • Enable Salesforce integration with Experience Manager Forms for data exchange: Configure the integration between Experience Manager Forms and the Salesforce application using the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow. This ability enables secure and direct authentication and authorization of the application and allows seamless communication without user involvement.

  • Optimization and enhanced functionality of workflow engine: Increase the performance of the workflow engines by minimizing the number of workflow instances. In addition to COMPLETED and RUNNING status values, the workflow also supports three new status values: ABORTED, SUSPENDED, and FAILED.

Fixed issues in Service Pack 17 fixed-issues

Sites sites-6517

  • Performance drop in LinkCheckerTransformer. (SITES-11661)
  • Language copies of a page were not getting updated as expected. (SITES-11191)
  • Opening non-campaign pages call targeteditor.html unnecessarily. Remove the targeteditor call when not needed. (SITES-12469)
  • Live copies cannot be created for pages with annotations. (SITES-12154)
  • Rollout of pages is not working on Experience Manager 6.5.16. (SITES-12008)
  • Out of memory; high garbage collection activity due to NotificationManagerImpl. NotificationManager bundle upgrade to Experience Manager 6.5. (SITES-11440)
  • Fixed WCM IT tests that were blocking service pack 17. (SITES-13089)
  • Retrieving Sites references fails on servlet. (SITES-10901)

Admin User Interface sites-adminui-6517

  • The preview window for the thumbnail image selector cannot be closed. (SITES-10459)

Content Fragments sites-contentfragments-6517

  • Configuration for connecting to Polaris service object (URL, credentials, callback, and so on). (SITES-12149)
  • Usage of SemanticDataType.REFERENCE should support “Remote-Asset-IDs”. (SITES-12127)
  • Integrate Polaris Asset Selector into Content Fragment editor. (SITES-12125)
  • A mandatory http header was necessary to access the metadata service endpoint. (SITES-13068)
  • The GraphQL implementation of 6.5 was not on par with Cloud Service (primary)); identified issues were fixed. (SITES-13096)
  • GraphQL paging/sorting and hybrid filtering should be available on Experience Manager 6.5/AMS. (SITES-9154)

Core Components sites-core-components-6517

  • The property cq-msm-lockable has the wrong redirect value in the Foundation page component. (SITES-10904)
  • Remote Asset Picker always redirects to IMS stage environment. (SITES-13433)

Experience Fragments sites-experiencefragments-6517

  • Selecting an Externalizer configuration in an Experience Fragment when you export to Adobe Target causes the incorrect externalized URL to be sent. (SITES-12402)
  • Remove non-inclusive terms; apply inclusive terms guidelines. (SITES-11244)

Page Editor sites-pageeditor-6517

  • No thumbnail is displayed for a carousel set in the Experience Manager content finder side rail. (SITES-8593)

Assets assets-6517

  • When you publish more than 40 PDFs simultaneously, Experience Manager stops responding and becomes unavailable for some time. (ASSETS-21789)
  • If you are logged in as a test user, you cannot see the Assets related to a particular Asset when you click properties of an Asset. (ASSETS-21648)
  • While editing Assets using Desktop Actions, if you try to check in more than five Assets at once, Limit Reached error is displayed and the selected Assets are checked out. (ASSETS-21121)
  • Unable to sort Assets by name in a Collection. (ASSETS-20924)
  • Unable to set dimensions on Assets of an image format type. (ASSETS-20835)
  • The tooltip text and its background on the Search/Add Email Address field does not display appropriate contrast ratio while sharing a link. (ASSETS-17347)
  • When you expand Notifications, the text does not display properly due to paragraph spacing. (ASSETS-17345)
  • When you copy an Asset in Collection, Public Collection checkbox does not display appropriately. (ASSETS-17343)
  • Elements use ARIA attributes without a role. (ASSETS-17325,ASSETS-17323)
  • The link is not descriptive when you expand Notifications. (ASSETS-17283)
  • When you navigate and expand the Smart Crop button, the content appears like a list but not marked up as an unordered list. As a result, the screen reader does not recognize the unordered list and read it as plain text. (ASSETS-17247)
  • The Sort By label is not associated with its respective drop-down. As a result, the screen reader does not recognize the drop-down options. (ASSETS-17239)
  • Unable to move forward or backward using the keyboard Tab or Arrow keys when you are trying to add a user using the Add user combo-box. (ASSETS-17233)
  • Screen reader does not correctly convey the information for the Workflows step (ASSETS-17285).
  • When you navigate to Saved Searches combo-box, both name and role do not have any assigned labels. (ASSETS-17329)
  • When you navigate Collection and hover to the text Members, the text does not appear as marked up. As a result, the screen reader does not recognize the heading text and read it as plain text. (ASSETS-17245)
  • Unable to access View Settings option using scroll down or up key from the keyboard. (ASSETS-17257)
  • Unable to trigger a workflow for multiple selected Assets that are found using search filters. (ASSETS-7689)
  • When you select an Asset (or multiple Assets) from the search results, the relate or unrelate option is not visible. But the option is available, otherwise. (ASSETS-7679)
  • Search filters panel opens only once after login and does not open if you exit the search page and rerun search. (ASSETS-7671)
  • The email combo-box does not display appropriate contrast ratio while sharing a link. (ASSETS-17349)

Assets - Dynamic Media dm-6517

  • Connection to Dynamic Media is broken when a Dynamic Media Cloud Configuration exists already. (ASSETS-23057)
  • Increased performance while browsing folders with lot of Dynamic Media videos and resolved fail to load issue on folder card view. (ASSETS-23016)
  • Preview tokens are removed from error.log that can be used to request secure content from the secure test servers. (ASSETS-22685)
  • PDF thumbnail render adding a shadow. Upgraded Gibson lib version 4.0.1680232194 for solving PDF thumbnail rendering issue. (ASSETS-22585)
  • Dynamic Media Hybrid mode is now compatible with the New Relic Agent version 8.0.1 (ASSETS-22578).
  • Experience Manager ACLs (Access Control Lists) are now respected when previewing Dynamic Media files on Experience Manager. (ASSETS-21628)
  • Screen readers are not navigating to hidden element when user tries to navigate using the Down arrow key or Tab key. (ASSETS-5617)
  • Image Profile user interface restricted for smart crops with the same name, or same dimension, or both. (ASSETS-16997)
  • Default width and height now set to 50 pixels for Smart Crops on Image Profile user interface. (ASSETS-16997)

Forms forms-6517

  • After updating to AEM Service Pack, the HTML5 forms are not functioning or loading properly in Edge browser with IE compatibility mode. (FORMS-8526, FORMS-8523)
  • When a user applies AEM Service Pack, the rule editor fails to open. (FORMS-8290)
  • When the maximum number of digits validation is applied to a Numeric Box component, it fails. (FORMS-7938)
  • While creating interactive communication statements, the chart component in the PDF is not generated properly. (FORMS-7827, FORMS-8297)
  • Java™ garbage collection is unable to clear old gen heap on an Experience Manager Forms OSGi server. (FORMS-8207)
  • When a user upgrades to Experience Manager Service Pack, the CRX Metadata properties are missing after submission. (FORMS-8205)
  • When a user disables the Date picker component in an Adaptive Form, it is still editable. (FORMS-7804)
  • In Experience Manager Forms Service Pack, when a user tries to edit the Policy Set Coordinators, the Manager Document Publisher always remains unchecked. (FORMS-7775, FORMS-8599)
  • When a user upgrades to Experience Manager Service Pack, the “GuideNode.externalize” method which handles strings that have to be translated, stops working. (FORMS-7709)
  • In the Assign task step, when a user selects the “Send Notification Email” and invokes the workflow, the text is not displayed properly in the received email. The question marks are received instead of the text in the received email. (FORMS-7675)
  • The Document of Record is getting localized partially. (FORMS-7674, FORMS-7573)
  • A user is unable to edit policy sets, even when allotted specific permissions. (FORMS-7665)
  • When a user in the forms-users group tries to create a form, Experience Manager Forms instance crashes. (FORMS-7629)
  • When the user clicks the Reset, Save, or Submit buttons on an Adaptive Form, no message is displayed on the screen. (FORMS-7524)
  • To improve the performance of PDFG conversion on an Experience Manager Service Pack, the sleep interval is made configurable. (FORMS-6752)
  • The toggle option remains the same, but the field’s visibility changes even when a user drags the cursor slightly. (FORMS-6728)
  • When the user upgrades to Experience Manager Service Pack, the redirection stops working when an Adaptive Form is rendered in Internet Explorer. (FORMS-6725)
  • The PAC 2021 tool for all background objects in a PDF form created by an Experience Manager Designer returns an error as Path object not tagged. (FORMS-6707)
  • When a user applies a filter in the inbox, it throws a NullPointerException error. (FORMS-6706)
  • When a user imports a template (.tds) file with referenced fragments, an Experience Manager Designer crashes. (FORMS-6702)
  • In case, the user creates a static PDF using the Output Service in an Experience Manager Forms Designer 6.5, an error occurs as OCCD (optional content configuration dictionary) contains AS key. (FORMS-6691)
  • When the user creates a simple workflow and adds a simple variable, a set variable mapping error occurs. (FORMS-5819)
  • When a user tries to generate a PDF using the Output Service, even though it is marked as PDF/A-1a, a compliance check using thePreflight service fails. (LC-3920837)
  • After installing an Experience Manager Service Pack, an Experience Manager Designer fails to open. (LC-3921000)
  • When a user adds a checkbox and radio Button, the structure of a Tag tree is not generated as per PDF standards. (LC-3920838)
  • In case, a user generates a static PDF by using the embedding and subsetting of fonts through the output service, the resulting PDF contains only the embedded fonts. (LC-3920963)
  • The Hebrew text is displayed incorrectly in the RTL format. (LC-3919632)
  • When a user upgrades to Experience Manager Service Pack on a JBoss® Turnkey server, the Signature Service fails to invoke. The encountered error is: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.adobe.xfa.TextNode cannot be cast to com.adobe.xfa.Element. (FORMS-7833)
  • After upgrading to Experience Manager Service Pack, the workbench processes to move a CRX node from one location to another are not working. The error occurs as ALC-CRX-30000-000: com.adobe.ep.crx.client.exceptions.CRCException: ALC-CRX-030-000-[Internal Server Error]. (FORMS-7713)
  • When a user updates to Experience Manager Service Pack, the Usage Rights fails to apply. (FORMS-7892)
  • When a user tries to generate a PDF document, the PDF/A-1b validation fails. (FORMS-7615)
  • When a user clicks the Configure option for the Form Container component, the browser becomes unresponsive. (FORMS-7605)
  • When a user updates to Experience Manager Forms Service Pack and tries to change the LicenseType to Production, the changes are not reflected. (FORMS-7594)
  • When a user tries to invoke an LCA Process with a PDF that comprises the Chinese Full Width Characters, an issue occurs with the ValidateForm process. (FORMS-7464)
  • In Experience Manager Forms Designer, XMLFM generates ZPL output with different paper sizes, such as letter, A4, and A5, for XDP-based templates. (FORMS-7898)

Commerce commerce-6517

  • Moved tags are garbage collected but are still referenced by products under /var. (CQ-4351337)

Foundation foundation-6517

Integrations integrations-6517

  • When converting an Adobe Target IMS configuration to a User credential one in legacy cloud configurations, the connectedWhen property does not change. This issue makes all the calls go as if the configuration was still IMS-based. (CQ-4352810)
  • Adding modifyProperties permission to fd-cloudservice system user for Adobe Sign configuration. (FORMS-6164)
  • With Experience Manager integrated with Adobe Target, when you create an AB test activity, it does not synch up the audiences associated with it, to Target. (NPR-40085)

Oak oak-6517

From Service Pack 13 and above, the following error log has begun to appear which affects the persistence cache:

org.h2.mvstore.MVStoreException: The write format 1 is smaller than the supported format 2 [2.0.202/5]
at org.h2.mvstore.DataUtils.newMVStoreException(
    at org.h2.mvstore.MVStore.getUnsupportedWriteFormatException(
    at org.h2.mvstore.MVStore.readStoreHeader(
    at org.h2.mvstore.MVStore.<init>(
    at org.h2.mvstore.MVStore$
    at org.h2.mvstore.db.Store.<init>(


org.h2.mvstore.MVStoreException: The write format 1 is smaller than the supported format 2 [2.1.214/5].

To resolve this exception, do the following:

  1. Delete the following two folders from crx-quickstart/repository/

    • cache
    • diff-cache
  2. Install the Service Pack, or restart Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.
    New folders of cache and diff-cache are automatically created and you no longer experience an exception related to mvstore in the error.log.

Platform platform-6517

  • In the Experience Manager Tag Management user interface (, the namespaces, and tags appear in the order they are created. However, when there are many namespaces and tags, the ability to view and manage them is difficult. This issue is because they cannot be sorted in any other way. (NPR-39620)
  • Google closure version update needed because Minification js is not working for some client libraries. (NPR-40043)

Sling sling-6517

  • Sling ResourceMerger consumes a high amount of CPU when provided with a fictitious path, causing a denial of service. (NPR-40338)

Translation projects translation-6517

  • Language Copy is not created when the user is not configuring non-mandatory fields. (NPR-40036)

User interface ui-6517

  • Cancel button in Page properties is inactive; it should take you to the Site Admin user interface. (NPR-40501)

Workflow workflow-6517

  • Workflow Console changes. (NPR-40502)
  • SegmentNotfound errors in the logs on a production author instance, caused by unclosed Resource resolver in class (NPR-40187)
  • A closed unclosed ResourceResolver exception is getting logged. (ASSETS-22495)
  • Experience Manager author crashes when PSD/PDF with huge DocumentAncestors metadata attributes is uploaded. (ASSETS-22966)
  • Session leak in class InboxSharingCache with user-reader-service. (CQ-4352513)
  • Incomplete user and group list is displayed when “Workflow Initiator Participant Chooser” step lists the users & groups for the Participant step. This issue occurred when one group was also a member of another group. (NPR-40055)
  • Enhanced purge of workflows. (NPR-40459)

Install Experience Manager install

  • Experience Manager requires Experience Manager 6.5. See upgrade documentation for detailed instructions.
  • The service pack download is available on Adobe Software Distribution.
  • On a deployment with MongoDB and multiple instances, install Experience Manager on one of the Author instances using the Package Manager.
Adobe does not recommend that you remove or uninstall the Experience Manager package. As such, before you install the pack, you should create a backup of the crx-repository in case you must roll it back.

Install the service pack on Experience Manager 6.5 install-service-pack

  1. Restart the instance before installation if the instance is in update mode (when the instance was updated from an earlier version). Adobe recommends a restart if the current uptime for an instance is high.

  2. Before installing, take a snapshot or a fresh backup of your Experience Manager instance.

  3. Download the service pack from Software Distribution.

  4. Open Package Manager, then select Upload Package to upload the package. To know more, see Package Manager.

  5. Select the package, then select Install.

  6. To update the S3 connector, stop the instance after installation of the Service Pack, replace the existing connector with a new binary file provided in the install folder, and restart the instance. See Amazon S3 Data Store.

Dialog on Package Manager UI sometimes exits during the installation of the service pack. Adobe recommends that you wait for error logs to stabilize before accessing the deployment. Wait for the specific logs related to the uninstall of the updater bundle before being assured that the installations is successful. Typically, this issue occurs in Safari browser but can intermittently occur on any browser.

Automatic installation

There are two different methods that you can use to automatically install Experience Manager

  • Place the package into ../crx-quickstart/install folder when the server is available online. The package is automatically installed.
  • Use the HTTP API from Package Manager. Use cmd=install&recursive=true so that the nested packages are installed.
Experience Manager does not support Bootstrap installation.

Validate the installation

To know the platforms that are certified to work with this release, see the technical requirements.

  1. The product information page (/system/console/productinfo) displays the updated version string Adobe Experience Manager ( under Installed Products.

  2. All OSGi bundles are either ACTIVE or FRAGMENT in the OSGi Console (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

  3. The OSGi bundle org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-core is version 1.22.15 or later (Use Web Console: /system/console/bundles).

Install Service Pack for Experience Manager Forms install-aem-forms-add-on-package

For instructions to install the service pack on Experience Manager Forms, see Experience Manager Forms Service Pack installation instructions.

Install GraphQL Index Package for Experience Manager Content Fragments install-aem-graphql-index-add-on-package

Customers using GraphQL must install the Experience Manager Content Fragment with GraphQL Index Package 1.1.1.

Doing so lets you add the required index definition based on the features they actually use.

Failure to install this package may result in slow or failed GraphQL queries.

Only install this package once per instance; it does not need to be reinstalled with every Service Pack.

UberJar uber-jar

The UberJar for Experience Manager is available in the Maven Central repository.

To use UberJar in a Maven project, see how to use UberJar and include the following dependency in your project POM:

UberJar and the other related artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository instead of Adobe Public Maven repository ( The main UberJar file is renamed to uber-jar-<version>.jar. So, there is no classifier, with apis as the value, for the dependency tag.

Deprecated and removed features removed-deprecated-features

See Deprecated and removed features.

Known issues known-issues

  • Update your GraphQL queries that may have used a custom API name for your content model to using the default name of the content model instead.

  • A GraphQL query may use the damAssetLucene index instead of the fragments index. This action might result in GraphQL queries that fail, or take a long time to run.

    To correct the problem, damAssetLucene has to be configured to include the following two properties under /indexRules/dam:Asset/properties:

    • contentFragment

      • jcr:primaryType="nt:unstructured"
      • name="jcr:content/contentFragment"
      • propertyIndex="{Boolean}true"
      • type="Boolean"
    • model

      • jcr:primaryType="nt:unstructured"
      • name="jcr:content/data/cq:model"
      • ordered="{Boolean}true"
      • propertyIndex="{Boolean}true"
      • type="String"

    After the index definition is changed, a reindexing is required (reindex = true).

    After these steps, the GraphQL queries should perform faster.

  • When trying to move, delete, or publish either Content Fragments, Sites, or Pages, there is an issue when Content Fragment references are fetched, as the background query fails. That is, the functionality does not work.
    To ensure correct operation, you must add the following properties to the index definition node /oak:index/damAssetLucene (no reindexing is required):

    code language-xml
    "tags": [
    "refresh": true
  • As Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 does not support MySQL 5.7 and JBoss® EAP 7.1, Microsoft® Windows Server 2019 does not support turnkey installations for Experience Manager Forms

  • If you upgrade your Experience Manager instance from 6.5.0 - 6.5.4 to the latest service pack on Java™ 11, you see RRD4JReporter exceptions in the error.log file. To stop the exceptions, restart your instance of Experience Manager.

  • Users can rename a folder in a hierarchy in Assets and publish a nested folder to Brand Portal. However, the title of the folder is not updated in Brand Portal until the root folder is republished.

  • When a user selects to configure a field for the first time in an adaptive form, the option to save a configuration does not display in Properties Browser. Selecting to configure some other field of the adaptive form in the same editor resolves the issue.

  • The following errors and warning messages may display during installation of Experience Manager 6.5.x.x:

    • "When the Adobe Target integration is configured in Experience Manager using the Target Standard API (IMS authentication), then exporting Experience Fragments to Target results in wrong offer types getting created. Instead of type “Experience Fragment”/source “Adobe Experience Manager,” Target creates several offers with type “HTML”/source “Adobe Target Classic.”
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler: No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Adaptive Form server-side validation fails when aggregate functions such as SUM, MAX, and MIN are used (CQ-4274424).
    • com.adobe.granite.maintenance.impl.TaskScheduler - No maintenance windows found at granite/operations/maintenance.
    • Hotspot in a Dynamic Media interactive image is not visible when previewing the asset through Shoppable Banner viewer.
    • bundle (395)[] : Timeout waiting for register change to complete unregistered.
  • On JBoss® 7.1.4 platform, when user installs Experience Manager or later service pack, adobe-livecycle-jboss.ear deployment fails.

  • JDK version higher than 1.8.0_281 are not supported for WebLogic JEE server.

  • Starting with AEM 6.5.15, the Rhino JavaScript Engine provided by the org.apache.servicemix.bundles.rhino bundle has a new hoisting behavior. Scripts that use the strict mode (use strict;) have to correctly declare their variables, otherwise they do not get run, instead throwing a runtime error.

OSGi bundles and content packages included osgi-bundles-and-content-packages-included

The following text documents list the OSGi bundles and Content Packages included in Experience Manager

Restricted websites restricted-sites

These websites are only available to customers. If you are a customer and need access, contact your Adobe account manager.