Configuring SSL on Windows Vista configuring-ssl-on-windows-vista

To configure SSL on Windows Vistaâ„¢, you need an SSL certificate with RSA keys for authentication. You can use the Java keytool to create the certificate.

Windows Vista will not work with DSA keys.

You can run keytool by using a single command that includes all the information that is required to create the certificate and keystore.

Create an SSL certificate

  1. In a command prompt, navigate to [JAVA HOME]/bin and type the following command to create the certificate and keystore:

    keytool -genkey -keyalg RSA -dname "CN=Host Name , OU=Group Name , O=Company Name ,L=City Name , S=State , C=Country Code " -alias"LC Cert" -keypass key_ password -keystorekeystorename .keystore

    note note
    Replace [JAVA_HOME] with the directory where the JDK is installed, and replace the text in italic with values that correspond with your environment.
  2. Type changeit as the password. This password is the default for a Java installation, and the system administrator may have changed it.