Configuring the synchronization scheduler configuring-the-synchronization-scheduler

By default, the synchronization scheduler runs after every 3 minutes to synchronize all the assets modified and updated in the repository via LiveCycle Workbench 11. Applications containing forms and resources are visible in the AEM Forms user interface once the synchronization process is complete.

Change interval of the synchronization scheduler change-interval-of-the-synchronization-scheduler

Perform the following steps to change the interval of the synchronization scheduler:

  1. Log in to AEM Configuration Manager. The URL of Configuration Manager is https://'[server]:[port]'/lc/system/console/configMgr

  2. Locate and open the FormsManagerConfiguration bundle.

  3. Specify a new value for the Synchronization Scheduler Frequency option.

    The unit of the frequency is minutes. For example, to configure the scheduler to run after every 60 minutes, specify 60.

Synchronizing assets synchronizing-assets

You can use the Synchronize Assets from Repository option to manually synchronize the assets. Perform the following steps to manually synchronize the assets:

  1. Log in to AEM Forms. The default URL is https://'[server]:[port]'/lc/aem/forms/.

    AEM Forms user interface

    Figure: AEM Forms user interface

  2. Click the aem6forms_sync icon in the toolbar. If you do not have any assets at last configured path then the dialog box as shown below. Click Start to initiate the synchronization.

    Synchronization dialog box

    Figure: Synchronization dialog box

Troubleshooting synchronization error troubleshooting-synchronization-error

You can create new applications in the workflow designer (LiveCycle Workbench).

If the newly created application and a folder at /content/dam/formsanddocuments has identical name, an error “An asset with the same name as this application already exists at root level.” is logged.

To resolve the conflict, rename the application, and manually synchronize the assets.

Conflicts in asset synchronization dialog box

Figure: Conflicts in asset synchronization dialog box