AEM Repo Tool aem-repo-tool

The AEM Repo Tool is a simple solution to transfer JCR content between your local filesystem and the AEM server via the command line comparable to FTP. The AEM Repo Tool is similar to the Jackrabbit FileVault tool, but is faster, has minimal dependencies, and is a simple bash script.

This tool simplifies the transfer of files for the developer and can also be integrated into IntelliJ and Eclipse to make development even more efficient.

Overview overview

For a given path inside a jcr_root filevault structure on the filesystem, AEM Repo Tool creates a package with a single filter for the entire subtree and pushes that to the server (similar to FTP put), fetches it from the server ( get) or compares the differences ( status and diff).

The tool does not support multiple filter paths or FileVault’s filter.xml.

The AEM Repo Tool always overwrites the entire file or directory specified.

Download and Documentation download-and-documentation

The AEM Repo Tool is available on GitHub via this link along with detailed installation and usage instructions.

If you want to download the source of the AEM Repo Tool, see the GitHub project linked below.


You can find the code of this page on GitHub