Displaying components based on the template used displaying-components-based-on-the-template-used

When a form author creates an adaptive form using a template, the form author can see and use specific components based on template policy. You can specify a template content policy that lets you choose a group of components that the form author sees at the time of form authoring.

Changing the content policy of a template changing-the-content-policy-of-a-template

When you create a template, it is created under /conf in the content repository. Based on the folders you have created in the /conf directory, path to your template is: /conf/<your-folder>/settings/wcm/templates/<your-template>.

Perform the following steps to show the components in the sidebar based on the content policy of a template:

  1. Open CRXDE lite.
    URL: https://<server>:<port>/crx/de/index.jsp

  2. In CRXDE, navigate to the folder in which the template is created.

    For example: /conf/<your-folder>/

  3. In CRXDE, navigate to: /conf/<your-folder>/settings/wcm/policies/fd/af/layouts/gridFluidLayout/

    To select a group of components, a new content policy is required. To create a policy, copy-paste the default policy, and rename it.

    Path to default content policy is: /conf/<your-folder>/settings/wcm/policies/fd/af/layouts/gridFluidLayout/default

    In the gridFluidLayout folder, copy-paste the default policy and rename it. For example, myPolicy.

    Copying default policies

  4. Select the new policy you create, and select the components property in the right-side panel with type string[].

    When you select and open the components property, you see the Edit components dialog. The Edit components dialog lets you add or remove component groups using the + and - buttons. You can add component group that includes components that form you want authors to use.

    Add or remove components in the policy

    After you add a component group, click OK to update the list, and then click Save All above CRXDE address bar and refresh.

  5. In the template, change the content policy from default to the new policy you created. ( myPolicy in this example.)

    To change the policy, in CRXDE, navigate to /conf/<your-folder>/settings/wcm/templates/<your-template>/policies/jcr:content/guideContainer/rootPanel/items.

    In the cq:policy property, change default to the new policy name ( myPolicy).

    Updated template content policy

    When you author a form you create using the template, you can see the added components in sidebar.