Service unavailable error after installing AEM ( service pack steps-to-resolve-error-after-installing-service-pack

Issue issue

After installing the AEM service pack, the error occurs as:

  • ERROR [FelixDispatchQueue] FrameworkEvent ERROR (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unable to resolve

After installing AEM service pack the CRX/bundle and the start page show service unavailable errors.

Applies to applies-to

This solution applies to:

  • AEM Forms on all JEE servers except those running on JBoss EAP 7.4.0

Solution solution

Troubleshooting steps are applicable for all application servers except JBoss EAP 7.4.

After installing AEM service pack, if the CRX/bundle and the start page show service unavailable errors, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop the application server.

  2. Navigate to [aem-forms root]\crx-repository\launchpad\felix\bundle52.

  3. Locate the file.

  4. Open the file in ant text editor and search for the bundle name as org.apache.felix.http.bridge.

    note note
    In case the under bundle52 does not contains the org.apache.felix.http.bridge bundle, check the bundle number in square bracket next to the org.apache.felix.http.bridge. Then navigate to [aem-forms root]\crx-repository\launchpad\felix\bundle[x] and perform the next steps at this location.
  5. Navigate to URL: [aem-forms root]\crx-repository\launchpad\felix\bundle[x]\version0.1.

  6. Search for bundle.jar and rename the bundle.jar to bundle.jar.bak.

  7. Copy the Bundle for AEM 6.5 Forms on JEE Service Pack 15 at this location from the Software Distribution.

  8. Start the application server, wait for logs to stabilize and check the bundle state.

  9. Once all bundles are in the active state, install the Fragment for AEM 6.5 Forms on JEE Service Pack 15 from the system/console/bundles and wait for the application server to stabilize.

  10. Stop the application server.

  11. Navigate to [aem-forms root]\crx-repository\launchpad\felix\bundle52\version0.1 and delete the bundle.jar.

  12. Rename the bundle.jar.bak to the bundle.jar.

  13. Start the application server.