Registering as a User registering-as-a-user

You can use policy-protected documents that you receive from an document security user, even if you are external to the user’s organization. To use a policy-protected document, you must register with document security. If you were not previously invited to register, document security initiates the registration process when these events occur:

  • A document security user who wants to send you a policy-protected document adds you to a policy.

  • A document security administrator creates an account for you.

    After you register and activate your account, you can use policy-protected documents that you are authorized to use through a policy. If the document security administrator enables these features for invited users, you may have permission to do these tasks:

  • Protect documents by using document security policies.

  • Create your own user policies that you can apply to your documents.

  • Invite other external users to use a policy-protected document by adding them to the policy.

    Also, when you register, you do not need to register again to use other policy-protected documents. Your account remains active until a policy administrator disables or deletes it.

If you receive a policy-protected document but do not receive a registration email invitation, contact the person who sent you the document for more information.

Register as an invited user register-as-an-invited-user

If you are an invited user and you receive an email registration message from document security, you can register by using the URL in the message to open the online registration page. After you register, you will receive a second notice about activating your account.

  1. Open the document security registration email. The URL that the message contains is a link to the External Users Registration page in document security.
  2. Click the URL or copy it and paste it into your browser. The External Users Registration page is displayed.
  3. Type your name, telephone number, address, organization, and password in the appropriate boxes, and then retype your password in the Confirm Password box. Your password can be any combination of eight characters.
  4. Click Save. A thank-you message appears informing you to check your email for an activation email message. Now activate your account to finish the registration process.

Activate your invited user account activate-your-invited-user-account

After you register, document security sends you an activation email. Activate your account by using the URL in the message. You can then log in to document security to use policy-protected documents that you have access to. Depending on the features that the administrator enables for external users, you may have permission to create policies, apply policies to documents, and add other external users to your policies.

Your account remains active until the administrator deactivates or deletes it.

  1. Open the document security registration confirmation email.
  2. Click the URL that appears in the message. The document security activation page is displayed.
  3. Click the word Here to go to the login page.
  4. In the Username box, type the email address that you registered under with document security. This email address is your default document security user name.
  5. In the Password box, type the password that you created when you registered, and then click Login.

Reset your password reset-your-password

If you forget your password, the policy administrator can reset it for you. Resetting a password generates an email that invites you to log in by using a temporary password. You can then create another password.

For information about contacting a document security administrator to obtain a new password, check your activation email notice or other notices from the organization that invited you to register.

  1. Notify the policy administrator that you need a new password.
  2. When you receive the document security password email, open it and get your new temporary password.
  3. Log in to document security by using the new temporary password.
  4. Click Options in the upper-right corner of the page. The External Users page is displayed.
  5. Select Change Password and type the temporary password in the Old Password box.
  6. In the New Password box, type a new password and then retype it in the Confirm Password box.