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Experience Manager supports the upload, delivery, and interactive preview of 3D assets as part of the authoring process.

The interactive 3D viewer is available from the asset details page in Experience Manager. The viewer includes, among other things, a collection of interactive camera controls that let you orbit, zoom, and pan the 3D asset.

Supported formats for 3D preview in Experience Manager supported-3d-previewing-assets

Interactive 3D preview supports the following file formats:

3D file extension
File format
MIME type
Binary GL Transmission
GL Transmission Format
See Note below.
WaveFront 3D Object File
Adobe Dimension
Support for ingestion only; preview not available.
Universal Scene Description Zip archive
Support for ingestion only; preview not available.
If materials do not render in preview of a gLTF model, make sure they are named properly and in a textures folder in the same root folder as the model, similar to the following:
Asset (folder)
    textures (folder)

Performance considerations when you preview 3D assets in Experience Manager performance-3d-previewing-assets

The time it takes to open a 3D asset in the asset details view page depends on several factors such things as bandwidth, image complexity, and latencies to the server.

In addition, the capabilities of the client computer – such as a workstation, notebook, or mobile touch device – are also important to consider when you manipulate the camera interactively. A reasonably powerful system with good graphics capabilities can make the interactive 3D viewing experience smoother and more favorable.

To preview 3D assets in Experience Manager:

  1. Make sure you have uploaded 3D assets into Experience Manager.
    See Supported formats for 3D preview and Upload Assets.

  2. From Experience Manager, on the Navigation page, select Assets > Files.

    Navigation page

  3. Near the upper-right corner of the page, from the View drop-down list, select Card View, then navigate to a 3D asset that you want to preview.

    3D card select
    In Card View, select the card of the 3D asset you want to preview.

  4. Select the card of the 3D asset.

    Interactive 3D preview
    Interactive preview of a 3D asset in the asset details view page.

  5. On the asset details view page for the 3D asset, do any of the following:

    table 0-row-4 1-row-4 2-row-4 3-row-4 4-row-4 5-row-4 6-row-4
    View Description Mouse action Touch screen action
    Turn your camera Orbit your view around the 3D scene and objects. Left click + drag. Single-finger press + drag.
    Pan your camera Pan your view left, right, up, or down. Right-click + drag. Two-finger press + drag.
    Zoom your camera Move in and out of areas in the 3D scene. Scroll wheel. Two-finger pinch.
    Recenter your camera Recenter your camera to a point on an object in the 3D scene. Double-click. Double-select.
    Reset Near the lower-right corner of the page, select the Reset icon to restore the view target point to the center of the 3D asset. Reset also moves the camera closer or further away to show the asset in its entirety and at a reasonable viewing size.
    Full screen mode To enter full screen mode, in the lower-right corner of the page, select the Fullscreen icon.
  6. When you are finished, near the upper-right corner of the page, select Close.