Export to CSV export-to-csv

Create CSV Report enables you to export information about your pages to a CSV file on your local system.

  • The file downloaded is called export.csv
  • The contents are dependent on the properties you select.
  • You can define the path together with the depth of the export.
The download feature and default destination of your browser is used.

The Create CSV Export wizard lets you select:

  • Properties to export

    • Metadata

      • Name
      • Modified
      • Published
      • Template
      • Workflow
    • Translation

      • Translated
    • Analytics

      • Page Views
      • Unique Visitors
      • Time on Page
  • Depth

    • Parent Path
    • Direct children only
    • Additional levels of children
    • Levels

The resulting export.csv file can be opened in Excel or any other compatible application.


The create CSV Report option is available when browsing the Sites console (in List view): it is an option of the Create drop-down menu:


To create a CSV export:

  1. Open the Sites console, navigate to the required location if necessary.

  2. From the toolbar, select Create then CSV Report to open the wizard:


  3. Select the required properties to export.

  4. Select Create.