Customizing Views of Page Properties customizing-views-of-page-properties

Every page has a set of properties that can be viewed and edited by users; some are required when creating the page (create view), others can be viewed and edited (edit view) at a later stage. These page properties are defined and made available by the dialog ( cq:dialog) of the appropriate page component.

Customizing view of page properties is not available in the classic UI.

The default state for every page property is:

  • hidden in the create view (for example, Create Page wizard)

  • available in the edit view (for example, View Properties)

Fields must be specifically configured if any change is required. This is done using the appropriate node properties:

  • Page property to be available in the create view (for example, Create Page wizard):

    • Name: cq:showOnCreate
    • Type: Boolean
  • Page property to be available in the edit view (for example, View/Edit) Properties option):

    • Name: cq:hideOnEdit
    • Type: Boolean

For example, see the settings for fields grouped under the More Titles and Description on the Basic tab for the foundation Page component. These are visible in the Create Page wizard as cq:showOnCreate has been set to true:

See the Extending Page Properties tutorial for a guide to customizing page properties.

Configuring your Page Properties configuring-your-page-properties

You can also configure the fields available by configuring the dialog of your page component and applying the appropriate node properties.

For example, by default the Create Page wizard shows the fields grouped under More Titles and Description. To hide these you configure:

  1. Create your page component under /apps.

  2. Create an override (using dialog diff provided by the Sling Resource Merger) for the basic section of your page component; for example:

    code language-xml
    note note
    As reference, see:
    However, you must not change anything in the /libs path.
    This is because the content of /libs is overwritten the next time you upgrade your instance (and may well be overwritten when you apply either a hotfix or feature pack).
    The recommended method for configuration and other changes is:
    1. Recreate the required item (that is, as it exists in /libs) under /apps
    2. Make any changes within /apps
  3. Set the path property on basic to point to the override of the basic tab (see the next step as well). For example:

    code language-xml
  4. Create an override of the basic - moretitles section at the corresponding path; for example:

    code language-xml
  5. Apply the appropriate node property:

    • Name: cq:showOnCreate
    • Type: Boolean
    • Value: false

    The More Titles and Description section will no longer be shown in the Create Page wizard.

When configuring page properties for use with live copies see Configuring MSM Locks on Page Properties for more details.

Sample Configuration of Page Properties sample-configuration-of-page-properties

This sample demonstrates the dialog diff technique of the Sling Resource Merger; including use of sling:orderBefore. It also illustrates use of both cq:showOnCreate and cq:hideOnEdit.


You can find the code of this page on GitHub