File storage low, specific page loads are slow

This article provides a solution for the issue of low disk space caused by large, rich images.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure, all supported versions
  • Adobe Commerce on-premises, all supported versions
  • Magento Open Source, all supported versions


Low disk storage and slow page loads can be caused by large, rich images using high amounts of storage in pub/media/catalog/products and the sharing of disk space between staging and production, (unless a dedicated staging environment is provisioned).


Images are not optimized to balance performance with viewing quality.


Before uploading images, optimize and compress them to balance performance with viewing quality. This helps increase space and reduce page load times. PNGs give smaller sizes for images with large areas of solid color. JPEGs give smaller sizes for everything else. Use the highest compression (without noticeable degradation). This is usually 60-80%.

Use Fastly image optimization to produce more storage efficient images.

To learn about managing your disk space (if you are on Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure) see Manage disk space in Adobe Commerce in the Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Guide.