Unable to add user to Adobe Commerce cloud project

This article provides a solution for when you are trying to add a user to a cloud project, but it fails with an error: User XXX does not exist.

Affected products and versions


This article provides a solution for when you are unable to add a user to an Adobe Commerce cloud project.


This is the expected behavior. The user’s account should first be created at https://accounts.magento.cloud and linked to their Adobe SSO for them to be added as a user to the project.


  1. Ask the user to log in to their account at https://accounts.magento.cloud (they must have already registered for an account at adobe.com under that email address. Creating/having an account at https://account.adobe.com does not automatically mean that the user would have an account at https://accounts.magento.cloud)
    Note: If the user has had an account on account.magento.com or accounts.magento.cloud prior to Aug 2022, they might not have an account with/on adobe.com unless they had created it in Aug 2022 or later. If the user does have an Adobe account and is unable to log in, please send an email to Grp-Magento-HelpCenterLoginIssues@adobe.com with the details.
  2. The user should then go to https://accounts.magento.cloud.
  3. Once they have done that, you should be able to add the user to the project. For steps, refer to Add users and manage access in our Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Guide.