Unable to log in to Adobe Commerce support or cloud account

This article provides a solution for when you struggle to log in to Adobe Commerce support or your cloud project.

Affected products and versions

Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods) all supported versions


When you go to https://account.magento.com/customer/account/login/ or https://accounts.magento.cloud/user you might notice that there is now a unified login form and you are no longer able to enter your credentials like you have previously.

Steps to reproduce:

Try to log in to your Commerce account.


Expected result:

Logging in successfully.

Actual result:

Get redirected to a page to sign in with an Adobe account and credentials do not work.



As part of our process of integrating Adobe Commerce with other Adobe solutions, all users will need to create an Adobe login - if they do not already have one - using the same email address connected to their MageID.


You may log in to the account with:

  • An existing Adobe corporate/personal account.
  • If you do not have an Adobe account, create one with the same email address.

For steps refer to Commerce Identity Manager in Adobe Experience League.