Error when validating the Fastly credentials

This article provides a solution for the issue where a user gets an error when validating the Fastly credentials.


User gets an error when validating the Fastly credentials.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods): All versions
  • Extension or technology (Fastly, New Relic, etc.) version Fastly


  1. Make sure you have the correct Fastly service ID and API token and try to validate again. For detailed instruction, refer to Test the Fastly credentials in our developer documentation.

  2. If the verification of the credentials fails, run the following curl command to confirm the status of the service:

    code language-curl
    curl -H "Fastly-Key: <API key>"<service ID>/version/active
  3. If the above command returns an error similar to: {“msg”:“Token $TOKEN expired at 2021-09-28T02:03:37Z”}, submit a support ticket to request a new API token.

    To learn how to submit a support ticket, refer to Adobe Commerce Help Center User Guide > SUPPORT TICKETS in our support knowledge base.

    note note
    Never share any passwords or valid/active API tokens directly in the ticket as we will have to revoke the current token and generate a new one for security reasons.
  4. If the command doesn’t return the error, make sure that you are running the newest version of the Fastly extension. If you are on an older version prior to 1.2.203, you must first click on Save Config before you can test the credentials.