MDVA-40134: GraphQL not returning related products when shared catalog is enabled

The MDVA-40134 patch fixes the issue where GraphQL does not return related products when the shared catalog is enabled. This patch is available when the Quality Patches Tool (QPT) 1.1.2 is installed. The patch ID is MDVA-40134. Please note that the issue was fixed in Adobe Commerce 2.4.3.

Affected products and versions

The patch is created for Adobe Commerce version:

Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods) 2.4.2-p1

Compatible with Adobe Commerce versions:

Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods) 2.4.2-p1 – 2.4.2-p2

The patch might become applicable to other versions with new Quality Patches Tool releases. To check if the patch is compatible with your Adobe Commerce version, update the magento/quality-patches package to the latest version and check the compatibility on the Quality Patches Tool: Search for patches page. Use the patch ID as a search keyword to locate the patch.


GraphQL does not return related products when the shared catalog is enabled.


B2B modules must be installed.
The instance must be clean with only the sample data.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > General > B2B features and enable Company and Shared Catalog.
  2. Go to Catalog > Shared Catalog and add all the products to the General Catalog.
  3. Use the sample data and modify the Joust Duffle Bag (SKU 24-MB01).
  4. Under Related Products, add the two Duffle bags (ID 7 and 13).
  5. Send a Post request:
  products(filter: {sku: {eq: "24-MB01"}}, sort: {name: ASC}) {
    items {
      related_products {

Expected results:

Related products is shown in the GraphQL response.

Actual results:

Users get the following error:

Return value of Magento\CatalogPermissionsGraphQl\Model\Store\StoreProcessor::getStoreId() must be of the type int, null returned {"exception":"[object] (GraphQL\\Error\\Error(code: 0): Return value of Magento\\CatalogPermissionsGraphQl\\Model\\Store\\StoreProcessor::getStoreId() must be of the type int, null returned 

Apply the patch

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