Switching to OpenSearch for Adobe Commerce on Cloud 2.4.4

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure 2.4.4 will not support versions of Elasticsearch after 7.10. You must upgrade to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 first and then immediately switch from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch 1.2.x. Adobe will provide detailed instructions closer to the Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 GA release.

The switch should be done regardless of cloud provider.

Adobe Commerce on-premises is adding support for Elasticsearch 7.16 and OpenSearch 1.2 in all March 2022 patch releases (2.4.4, 2.4.3-p2, and 2.3.7-p3). In 2.4.4, Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure will move to OpenSearch as the default search engine, so merchants must use OpenSearch in place of Elasticsearch before upgrading to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 or later. Merchants with Adobe Commerce on-premises deployments can use Elasticsearch or OpenSearch because Adobe Commerce will continue to support both.

What is OpenSearch?

OpenSearch is a fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana. It is maintained by AWS instead of Elastic.co. To learn more, review GitHub opensearch-project/OpenSearch.

Compatibility across versions:

Will Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure support Elasticsearch 7.10?

Yes - starting mid-January 2022, Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure versions 2.4.3-p1, 2.4.3-p2, and 2.3.7-p3 support Elasticsearch 7.10.

For Adobe Commerce on-premises, the latest 7.16.x version is recommended to mitigate Log4j.


When can merchants migrate to OpenSearch?

After Adobe Commerce 2.4.4.

Before beginning the upgrade process to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4, however, merchants need to be on a current version of Adobe Commerce that supports ElasticSearch 7.10 and be on at least ElasticSearch before beginning the upgrade process to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 or to OpenSearch.

What can merchants (Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure and Adobe Commerce on-premises) who are not on 2.4.4 do? Can they upgrade to a supported version of Elasticsearch (7.10, 7.16.1) or to OpenSearch? Do they have to be on the latest supported version to do so (like 2.4.3-p1, 2.3.7-p2, 2.4.3-p1)?

If the Adobe Commerce core version they are on supports Elasticsearch 7.10 – they can use it.

Review System Requirements in our developer documentation for version compatibility.

It is recommended to plan to upgrade to Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 as soon as possible because ElasticSearch 7.10 will be EOL in May 2022.

Adobe partners can sign up for our beta program here to get access to our latest beta4 code that has been tested against Elasticsearch 7.16.1 and OpenSearch 1.1.