Cache warming up and site unavailable on Adobe Commerce

This article provides a solution for when the page cache is warming up and there is a stuck deployment or site down.

Affected products and versions


The cache warm up script, at the end of the post-deploy phase, sends requests at such a high rate that certain instances, like 4-cpu ones, cannot cope. Their nginx exhausts the number of workers.

Steps to reproduce:

Start cache warm up operations.

Expected result:

Pages or whole site loads.

Actual result:

The site is unavailable or the response time is too high.


Limit the number of concurrent connections during the cache warm-up. This requires adding the WARM_UP_CONCURRENCY post-deploy variable to specify the number of warm-up requests that the cache warm-up script can send concurrently. Setting this option can help manage the load on Adobe Commerce’s cloud infrastructure. For steps, see Post-deploy variables > WARM_UP_CONCURRENCY in our developer documentation.

Full-Page Cache in our user guide