Backup issues

This article lists the possible solutions for the backup creation issues.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on-premises 2.3.x
  • Magento Open Source 2.3.x

Backup disabled backup-disabled

If the Adobe Commerce backup functionality does not start or displays the following message, you need to enable the feature prior to backing up.

Backup functionality is disabled.
Backup functionality is currently disabled. Please use other means for backups.

Enter the following CLI command:

bin/magento config:set system/backup/functionality_enabled 1

For additional information on backups, see Back up and roll back the file system, media, and database.

Insufficient disk space insufficient-disk-space-trouble-backup-space-

If the backup failed because of insufficient disk space, you should typically free up disk space by moving some files to another storage device or drive. However, there might be other ways to resolve the issue. See one of the following resources for tips:

Operating system error operating-system-error-trouble-backup-os-

Unfortunately, we can not recommend anything specific because of the variety of errors you might encounter. We can suggest, however, you:

Backup fails backup-fails-trouble-backup-all-

If the backup fails or if all backup tests fail, it’s possible the Adobe Commerce file system owner doesn’t have sufficient privileges and ownership of the Adobe Commerce file system. For example, another user might own the files or the files might be read-only.

Pay particular attention to file system permissions and ownership of the <magento_root>/var directory and subdirectories. For more information, see Set file system permissions and ownership.