Adobe Commerce support tools at a glance

Adobe Commerce offers a variety of support tools that help and empower you to improve the e-commerce store experience.
It provides personalized best practices, diagnostic and monitoring tools, and actionable information about your site.
This article gives an overview for each of the available tools:

Observation for Adobe Commerce - get the most relevant New Relic info in an easy format observation-for-adobe-commerce

Observation for Adobe Commerce is a New Relic nerdlet to see the state of your Adobe Commerce site, current or past time views. A nerdlet is a custom application built with New Relic One programmability. It presents the most relevant New Relic information in an easy format against a common timeline.

To learn about how to use Observation for Adobe Commerce on cloud architecture, review Observation for Adobe Commerce > Introduction.

Managed Alerts for Adobe Commerce - get alerts on critical storage and Apdex levels managed-alerts-for-adobe-commerce

Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure produce ready-made New Relic alerting that includes directions on next steps to troubleshoot.

We’ve set up key dashboards and alerts to aid you in understanding when your site is reaching critical storage and Apdex levels (users’ satisfaction with applications and services response time). This can help you take action before you notice slow response times or an outage. You will be able to troubleshoot the alerts with the articles provided in our support knowledge base. Click Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce to learn more about managed alerts.

Site-Wide Analysis Tool - get performance recommendations based on site scan site-wide-analysis-tool

The Site-Wide Analysis Tool is a SaaS (software as a service) application that performs end-to-end ‘point-in-time’ site analysis. All tool-related customer site information is collected on predetermined schedules from every three hours to once a day. This means that SWAT is constantly analyzing customer site data.

To find out more about the Site-Wide Analysis Tool, refer to the Site-Wide Analysis Tool guide.

Quality Patches Tool - get all patches available for your Adobe Commerce version quality-patches-tool

The Quality Patches Tool (QPT) delivers individual patches developed by Adobe and the Magento Open Source community. It allows you to apply, revert, and view general information about all individual patches that are available for the installed version of Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source.

QPT shows only those available patches for your installed version, with categorization and easy application/removal. To learn more, refer to Check patch for Adobe Commerce issue with Quality Patches Tool in our support knowledge base.