Observation for Adobe Commerce

This guide provides a holistic overview of Observation for Adobe Commerce. It describes its uses, when to use, how to use, the general approach to looking at issues, and how to access the tool.

What is Observation for Adobe Commerce?

Observation for Adobe Commerce is a tool that combines log data from multiple sources to help you better manage your Adobe Commerce site performance and diagnose issues. It visually presents application log data in combination with data from the New Relic observability platform on a single pane of glass with an easy-to-understand dashboard. The solution is based on New Relic Nerdlets, which are custom applications built with New Relic One programmability interfaces.

When issues arise, it can be time-consuming to pinpoint where the issue is rooted and have the knowledge to fix it. The Adobe support organization has accumulated tribal knowledge built on years of looking at logs and command line outputs while troubleshooting issues. The tool leverages such knowledge to identify important signals against a common timeline. The timeline can be expanded or contracted, allowing you to visualize your log data to help with performance management and issue resolution.

Using Observation for Adobe Commerce, you can analyze complex problems encountered by support to help identify root causes. Instead of tracking disparate data, you can spend your time correlating events and errors to gain deep insights into the causes of performance bottlenecks. The tool is intended to give a clearer view of some of the problems experienced by sites to help you identify potential root causes of problems and keep your sites performing optimally. This includes identifying if and what bots are causing site problems.

Who is this guide for?

Merchants and partners who want to optimize their Adobe Commerce site performance and diagnose issues. Observation for Adobe Commerce can be used to:

  • Compare information against a common timeline before your site had an issue, allowing you to see what is causing degraded performance.

  • Know what to look for and where to look for amongst millions of log messages during outages.

  • Simplify data gathering and parsing with visual summaries of critical error messages from the logs.

  • Gain perspective across various services such as IP request frequency, URLs accessed, the APIs used, and more.

Observation for Adobe Commerce demo

Watch this video to learn about Observation for Adobe Commerce: